Muslims Beat Three Christians With Iron Pipes For Sharing Bibles

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A group of Christian evangelists have been beaten with iron pipes after it was discovered they were handing out Bible to locals in an ‘undisclosed Middle Eastern location,’ according to Shoebat.

Three Christian missionaries have gone missing in the Middle East following their release from a hospital earlier this week.

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Bibles for Mideast, a group of missionaries that delivers Bibles to underground house churches in 17 countries in the Middle East, announced on Tuesday that it is believed that three of its young missionaries were abducted by “Islamic terrorists.”

Pastor Paul Ciniraj, the director of Bibles For Mideast, revealed the information to WND on Tuesday. He identified the missing missionaries as “pastor Stephan, pastor Samuel and evangelist James.”

The ministry’s website explains that Samuel, 29, James, 30, and Stephan, 32, who are all Christian converts from Islam, were hospitalized on Sunday after being ambushed by Muslim extremists as they were preaching to a man they met on their way home from prayer service.

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As evangelism and apostasy are both punishable by death in some regions of the Middle East, the ministry reports that the militants shouted “Allahu Akbar” and yelled “kill them” as they beat the preachers with iron pipes and desecrated their Bibles.

Fortunately, passersby on a bus stopped and chased off the radicals and transported the men to a nearby hospital. James, the evangelist, was reported as being in critical condition.

While in the hospital, the three missionaries said they sensed they were being watched “with a cruel intention” and asked the doctors to discharge them.

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“But our pastors did not reach home,” Ciniraj told WND. “We tried to get them by mobiles several times, but [there was no response].”

“We suspect they are kidnapped or abducted by [the] car driver himself with his friends who traveled as fellow passengers,” Ciniraj added. “We suspect they are terrorists. God knows.”

Please pray for the safety of these missionaries and for safe return.


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  1. I just want to know if the Christian body’s​ are​ now animals, that some heartless persons are busy dealing with us and we do nothing 🔉why?

  2. God strengthen them. Our Muslim brothers here have acted based on the extent of their understanding – God forgive and redirect their minds. The gospel is the gospel.

  3. Oh! Precious Lord! Behold their treathening.Save a pray thee your people. Let your power be operational in the life of these brethen in the name of JESUS CHRIST Amen.

  4. What were the Muslims so afraid of, to act in this cowardly way? To behave like frightened animals in the way they have done, tells us that they are afraid of the Christian Bible! …afraid of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! …afraid of the truth!! ….afraid of God! This kind of violence by Muslims is an admission by them that their religion is man-made, because they know that allah is a false god not able to defend himself! ….therefore in their man-made religion, they have to act with violence because there is no god allah who is capable of standing up for himself! …and this is the truth! A people who have a REAL god in their faith, would not need to act like violent subhumans, because they know that their god is perfectly able to stand up for himself and defend himself!…but all this kind of violence by Muslims just shows that their religion and god is false and powerless!

  5. This form of street “justice” is without question evil, inhumane, and otherwise unacceptable, but the “iron pipes” in the photo look a lot more like bamboo than iron.

  6. May the LORD whom we worship shall bless them and keep them for them to go forward whit the good news Jesus is coming soon we must hold fast in what we believe and the Almighty GOD be with us all

  7. Let them know its a fearful thing to fall in the hands of a living God the God of Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob , our Great God Jahova King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ the Son Of the Living God , before whom every knee shawl bow and every toung shall confes that He is Lord have Mercy on their souls oh Lord ,they no not what they do

  8. This beaten man will be no longer survive….and There is a place for this three man missionary in the kingdom of God Amen….


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