Woman Breaks 79-Year-Old Man’s Head With High Heel Shoe For Preaching Inside Train (Video)

Woman Breaks 79-Year-Old Man's Head With High Heel Shoe For Preaching Inside Train
Woman Breaks 79-Year-Old Man’s Head With High Heel Shoe For Preaching Inside Train

A 79-year-old man preaching from the Bible on a subway was left beaten and bloodied by a an angry woman who attacked him with a high heel shoe for preaching the word of God.

The violent attack was captured on video by riders on board a southbound 2-train nearing Times Square on Oct. 24.

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The unidentified woman walked up and confronted the elderly rider, began to scream and curse at the man, and then took her spiked stiletto heel and assaulted the 79-year-old, eye witnesses said.

The attack was so brutal it left the man with a gash in his head that took 30 stitches to close the wound. The 79-year-old man was left a bloody mess as fellow riders sat and watched the attack.

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“He didn’t say anything to hurt anyone, he wasn’t even loud, you could barely hear him talk but this is what he got in return,” said Instagram user @f.u.n.m.i.k.e, who recorded the vicious assault and injuries suffered by the 79-year-old.

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The woman who was identified by witnesses as a transgender woman (man), fled the subway after bloodying her victim and police are still looking for the attacker.

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The injured rider was taken to NYU Hospital for treatment and later released.

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  1. What’s so heartbreaking isn’t the woman attacking him,it’s the unconcerned attitude of almost all the passengers in dt subway train.its so sad, maddening, appalling n heartbreaking all at the same time…so heartbreaking! Jesus have mercy…comfort n heal this dear man’s abused heart…comfort him Lord.n turn the enemy’s assault on him into strength. Thank You Lord.

    • So many things has been happening recently, like the fires from around the world. This man just wants to open people’s mind. It could also be a trial if the people in that moment would help someone in need. I never really get angry, but this, this is maddening. T^T

    • your right noone got up to defend this man or to break it up it shows we live in a world with people who dont care sorry about that if she doesnt want to listen to gods word turn a deaf ear she needs prayer if anyone should suffer for Gods name will receive a blessing


    • we should not engage in violence when instead we are making our enemies brew in fury, we should calm her down but the other passengers were pretty rowdy

    • God wants peace for the world and you guys are doing the opposite. If I was there I would’ve just protected the man, but if that transgender tries to hurt him, I would be needing patience.

  2. This man had more courage just preachingthe Gospel of Jesus Christ. God forgive those who just sat there and let this happen.

        • So u mean God should come in person to stop that madness😢😢 we say world is people Jesus said we should love one another. Why did Jesus use love instead of hate coz he knew that love is kind love caring God did not create one man but many people to help eachother let’s say u see someone in danger and u are there can’t u help dear or u will be standing like them??? Stop mocking God he holds your life in his palm he loves you and care about u.

      • God had actually done His part in putting every other person sitting in the train together with the man and the lady……but they, as well you, have behaved just like Cain asking God “do you make me my brother’s keeper?”…..that’s a life without understanding God’s purpose for creating and putting us all together?

  3. Good Will Protect His People. One Thing Is For Sure That The Woman Is Not A Human, She Must Be An Agent From Hell.

  4. How on Earth did the whole people on board not react to this lady’s attack before she injured this old man?
    What is our world turning to?
    May God Almighty heal and comfort this old man and renew his strength to do his work.

  5. Well, its a sign of end time. The love in people will grow cold. The woman is frustrated, not finding her life easy again. She is at a point of no return for the transgender procedure.

  6. If i was there they will be hauling me to prison when im done. But the devil send his angel to shut him up but God is going to restore him that he can speak more highly about the one true living God father comfort him at this time

  7. No surprise, we are just looking at what Jesus told us 2000+ yrs ago: Mattew 24: 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 13But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. 14And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

  8. The preaching of that old man will definitely bring that woman to the cross like Saul of Tarsus. She will preach Christ and also get persecuted. Vengeance belongs to God. Grandpa may the healing that flows from the blood of Christ touch you In Jesus Name- Amen

  9. One thing is for sure. God controls everything. It happened to the old man because he let it be for the world to see how cruel humans can be. Sharing the word of God and his salvation maybe something unneeded to those who are lost but it is something that God favor. Soon. When the day come those soul winners will be crowned and those who have the mark of the beast (unsaved) will be drag into Satan’s Kingdom which is hell. ONE MORE THING. GOD WILL NOT LET HIS PREACHER SUFFER. JUST WAIT AND SEE WHAT THAT TRANSWOMAN’S PUNISHMENT WILL BE.

    • Yes, now that God purposed us to bear witness of that lady; who mercilessly attacks an old man over the “Word”, He purposed us also to bear the fact that so many people still need to be preached to, following that,there in(train), no one stood out for the “Word” either, as the old man was being assaulted
      Its awake up call.

  10. It shows der s evil n ds world, but it shows Gods Love dat he didnt turned againts dat suspect thru the holy spirit, he will be strenghtened, coz he overcome this challenges, and those who just leave him and confronted him will be paid off later same wd wat they taken for granted.

  11. Its an evil dat forced dat suspect into anger and violence coz evil is against with God’s word, so, its a challenged to d old mans heart to persevere, its a test and a lesson to both of them later.. Evil s destruction but God is full of a gift of blessings..hop dat old man will b strenghtened no mater wat

  12. If LGBT makes fun on a Christian it’s a Freedom of speech if a Christian shared the word of GOD it’s a hate speech .. you guys are offended because you know your wrong we supposed to follow the law of God not our own desires remember God create Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

  13. This is very painful to know. It is even more painful that the other passengers did nothing to help the old man. They are therefore witnesses and consenters to the crime. That old man is blessed and he has been crucified with CHRIST having carried his cross and followed him faithfully and having paid his sacrifice for the good news he had been preaching. I glorified GOD for the life of this great servant of his. Thank you JESUS.

  14. What’s wrong preaching telling people the mind of God for their lives. This is terrible and in-human, this lady wouldn’t even do that to her enemy. May God have mercy on her and open her eyes to know the truth that will set her free.

  15. Yes, now that God purposed us to bear witness of that lady; who mercilessly attacks an old man over the “Word”, He purposed us also to bear the fact that so many people still need to be preached to, following that,there in(train), no one stood out for the “Word” either, as the old man was being assaulted
    Its awake up call.

  16. Het is duidelijk dat deze man werd vervolgd voor de bediening om het woord te prediken…als dit hier gebeurt in Nederland krijgt die vrouw nog gelijk omdat wij in Nederlnaand leven met een kwade opinie van geen vrijheid van meningsuiting, als het over het geloof gaat ook, ze werden veemoord PimFortuin en die ander journalist, omdat ze hun mening gaven in jhet openbaar, deze man wist wat hem te wachten stond, in het gecval van deze vrouw is zij er niet van gediend, door hekserij of iets dergelijks denk ik

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