All Muslim Family Members Accepted Jesus As Saviour As Jesus Healed Their Mother Of Cancer


All my family accepted Jesus Christ as our God When My mother was healed Of Breast cancer. The story of Fatima Haneef, an ex-Muslim

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It was in November 2000 that I attended the course on Quran and Bible along with my father and brother in the desert of Abu Dhabi. All of us received the light of the Holy Spirit and accepted Jesus as our God.

My father was addicted to drugs and various kinds of bad habits. My brother was taking alcohol and drugs which were forbidden by our religion Islam. There was never peace at our home. My mother was suffering from breast cancer. I had skin disease.

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As my mother had to look after the sheeps, she did not attend the classes but was prayed over by Fr. James Manjackal. She was totally healed of the breast cancer. When the doctor was wondering about her healing, boldly I told him that it is the prophet Jesus who healed her. 

After I was prayed over for the Holy Spirit I never had the skin disease. My greater happiness is that my father and brother stopped all bad habits and became very good people. Now we all follow Jesus as God by praying at home and reading the Bible.  

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What a peace in the hearts and at home when Jesus comes in the lives! Daily I see Jesus as a living person to whom I can tell everything of my life. Even in small problems and difficulties he comes to console me and to comfort me. 

The other day, I had a severe stomach pain. All told me to go to see a doctor. I told my father to lay his hands on my stomach and to pray in the name of Jesus. By his prayer I was fully OK: Last week we lost three of our sheeps and were searching for them desperately. I told my mother to pray to Jesus, then He would bring them. We prayed and found the sheeps without any harm. 

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I have no words to narrate the miracles we see daily in our lives ever since our friendship with Jesus. He alone is God. All praise and glory to Him alone.

The testimony of Fatima Haneef from United Arab Emirates – UAE, was originally published here.

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  1. Thank you Jesus for the lost souls
    Only your name amen will be glorified

  2. Glory to God.

    There is great celebration in heaven for the souls that are coming to the saving grace of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

    Welcome brethren to the family of God

  3. traded one stupid bullshit for another piece of stupid bullshit. I feel bad for them, thinking that deities control their fate on a whim.

  4. May the glory go to God for His valid promisses . May He continue to use His faithful children for He gave them all they need to walk the walk .

  5. Hhhhhhh…..h really wonderful ……Muslim family accepting Jesus as god.. We as Muslims believe Jesus as prophet sent by god, marry his mother not God’s wife……

  6. He..JESUS Christ alone is the Word of GOD.. Whom in turn is everything we need. Name advice all names. But all glittery and Honor belong Tho the Father .


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