People Mock VP Mike Pence for Praying with Coronavirus Task Force

VP Mike Pence Praying with Coronavirus Task Force
VP Mike Pence Praying with Coronavirus Task Force

United States President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, now led by Vice President Mike Pence, is under heavy criticism.

A White House photo of Vice President Mike Pence praying with his coronavirus task force team has sparked a heated debate on social media about religion, politics and the efficacy of prayer.

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The photo, taken on 26 February was released by the White House, and began circulating on social media on Monday.

The simple photo shows Pence sitting in a chair and bowing in prayer as more than 15 others in the room also pray.

“Mike Pence and his coronavirus emergency team praying for a solution. We are so screwed,” tweeted Thomas Chatterton Williams, a writer for New York Magazine and Harper’s Magazine. His tweet attracted over 5,000 retweets and 18,000 likes and helped start the debate.

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Virologist at Columbia University Dr Angela Rasmussen described the photo of the taskforce praying as unsettling.

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“I have yet to attend a scientific meeting that begins with a Christian prayer,” she said in a message posted on Twitter.

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“Mike Pence can pray whenever he likes, but I do find it odd to see him leading a prayer during a meeting of the coronavirus task force with people like the head of the CDC and Dr. [Anthony S.] Fauci,” Matt Novak, an editor for Gizmodo, tweeted.

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Evangelist Franklin Graham however, praised the image as “touching and powerful”.

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Writer Jonathan Merritt tweeted, “Criticize Mike Pence all you want for being inept in his strategy to dealing with this. But mocking him for praying – like 79 percent of Americans have done in the past 3 months – is why so many regular Americans despise wine-and-cheese liberals.”

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  1. God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that shall he reap. I am so thankful that our administration is an administration that prays and believes in prayer. Those who mock them will reap what they sow. God help them.

  2. Am perplexed and saddened, that at this critical time where scientific research and solution can’t longer be relied upon on curbing the corona virus pandemic, so people still have the impetus to mock vice President pence for praying seeking solution from God. May God have mercy on those ignorant souls!

  3. Anyone who mocks someone else for praying is a SICKO Terrorist. No one who doesn’t want to pray, has to. Shut your mouth and do something to make a “good” difference in the world, help others. Didn’t you ever hear the term “if you cant say something nice, don’t say anything”?

    the only people required to what others want are libtards who don’t know any better. They are the only ones who have freedom of speech.

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