Muslim Scholar Converts to Christianity, Says Bible Has Authority Over Qur’an


Ex Muslim scholar receives Jesus Christ, converts to Christianity and turns street preacher, declaring that the Bible is superior to and has authority over the Qur’an.

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  1. It is a shame that Muslims are coming to Christ in Iran and other places, when America is letting people slide off into hell by not preaching Christ to them, that Jesus is the answer to every problem we have. There are more religions of various kinds out there, and people latch onto them because they are searching for something, and are so gullible that they latch onto anything other than Jesus Christ. I am thrilled to know that many in other countries are coming to Christ, and hope that it might spread over into America.

    • A very big shame to Christianity as a whole.

      Preachers are no longer preaching the right message, the true message of Christ has been forgotten, preachers are now preaching what people wants to hear instead of preaching the truth.

      I miss Evangelist Billy Graham and Pastor David Walkerson. Men who preached the Truth. I’m glad that we still have Carter Conlon who’s preaching the truth till date!

  2. In answer to Madell, we here in the USA have no reason NOT to know Christ. There is a church on every corner. We have access to materials to research and study up on God. In Iran, they have nothing but the Quran. In this case, Jesus is miraculously bringing souls to Him. There is no other explaination. Perhaps He has given up on us here in America. We’ve become so un-delighted.

  3. We are all to be missionaries. We are to reach out. We have become the lukewarm church in North America. We may share with those of like faith, but don’t risk sharing our faith. In Muslim countries, christians share their faith knowing they may be found out and killed. What do we do here? We cannot even take the time out of our day to read the bible, never mind reach the lost. The lost heading for a godless future in the place of outer darkness and what do we do? We leave them to their end. Is God and Christ pleased with us? Isn’t it nice to be saved?

  4. I should have added this. We go to church sunday. Fail to attend a bible study, fail to attend a prayer meeting, fail to attend a men’s meeting. Men are to be leaders, so much for that. Take a look how many “commited” people are attending these events in the church. We have this warm fuzzy christianity that is to coddle us. We go to church to get, not to give, not to share. It starts with you and I. How about starting, then we will see some action,until then, the people we are to be reaching, will continue dropping into hell.

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