COVID-19: Pastor Preaches From His Window In The Middle Of The Quarantine In Italy (Video)

Pastor Carmelo Cancilla Preaches From His Window Amidst quarantine in Italy
Pastor Carmelo Cancilla Preaches From His Window Amidst quarantine in Italy

As if rallying around the apostles’ declaration that “We must serve God rather than men” (Acts 5:29), Christians have continued to boldly share the Gospel in the face of the deadly coronavirus.

Despite the restricted access to the streets of Italy by authorities to prevent further spread of COVID-19 in the country, a video has emerged online, of a pastor preaching a powerful message to his neighbors with the help of a microphone so that his voice could be heard by more people.

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Pastor Carmelo Cancilla on Saturday 14th, chose to preach the gospel to his neighbors using one of the windows of his apartment, as everyone is left in quarantine in their homes.

Cancilla’s preaching made the people who live in the surrounding apartments come out to listen to him. Due to the situation that the country is going through with the Covid-19, they have become more receptive, according to Bibliatodo.

The minister, who is the head leader of the Sela Syracuse evangelical church, said he wondered, “Why not telling my neighbors about the Word of God? God is for everyone”.

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Cancilla told listeners that despite the rough time Italy is going through, “God is in control of the situation. God never leaves us. God will heal our nation,” he said.

Italy is the most affected country in Europe by Covid-19; it also takes the second position in the world. The country have registered more than 23,000 infected and more than 2,000 deaths.

National Day of Prayer In Italy

Taking into account the situation, the Italian Evangelical Alliance proposed a national day of prayer for this coming Sunday, March 22. The main reasons for praying are for healing and for the authorities and churches to understand their vocation.

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Faced with obstacles that have arisen and prevent the church from meeting in temples, they are managing to stay connected to their communities through technology.

Although not all churches in Italy can broadcast the preaching of their leaders online, they are using WhatsApp to share words and meet the needs of prayer.

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