For for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12

Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.”—Isaiah 45:22.

Ramotu Audu
Ramotu Audu

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest,” (Matthew 9:37).

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The great harvest is on and God is saving the nations for his own name sake. From Uganda to Algeria, From Egypt to South Africa, the work is on.

Every other country around the world are not exempted from this great revival From Iran to China great revivals, from Bangladesh to Tibet to the remotest villages in Indiapeople are getting saved. Men and women, uniform and non uniform men, the times are here, behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Muslims around the world are coming to Jesus Christ in great numbers through dreams and visions, and here is another brisk view of God’s saving work in Nigeria Muslim populace, through dreams and visions. From Abuja to Maiduguri, from Kogi to Gbogan. Jesus saves! Jesus saves!.

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A Nigerian Muslim woman from Kogi State, Ramotu Audu took to social media to express her concern after several visions of Jesus Christ, who keeps appearing to her in dreams, and telling her that He would save her.

She writes:
I am a devoted Muslim but Jesus Christ is appearing to me more than 4 times now in my dreams. He said I will save you. Today’s dream, He appeared and I asked why, He showed me some people and told me to pray for them and they shall receive their blessings. Immediately I open my mouth to pray, I woke up, Advice me please, I am confused.

Pray for the completeness of what God has begun in Ramotu’s life and that her salvation would be complete

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See Screen shots below:

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  1. My sister, what you saw is as real as your existence. I also experienced this same issue many years ago when I was a Muslim. Jesus showed me Himself on the crucified cross in a dream when I woke up I discover He was telling me that ‘I DIED FOR YOU’. Another dream was that Jesus showed me Himself after His resurrection talking to the disciples and I found myself in the midst of the disciples and he said to me, looking at me directly ” I AM GOING BACK TO MY FATHER BUT I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE FOR I WILL SEND THE HOLY SPIRIT TO COMFORT YOU” while i was yet listening to Him He ascended to heaven and I watch Him until I saw Him no more than I woke up from that dream. Waooh… I became more confused this time around. It was not long enough after this dream that three (3) white dove came upon me in another dream, when I woke up from that dream I had to talk with some men of God who counsel me. Today am so happy that I took the bull by the horn, I have no regret that am a Christain, an evangelist, married to a pastor and doing what Christ has ordain me to do. Hallelujah Jesus is alive. My sister, do not take this for granted, for a joke, rather take it as a previllege of His love and mercy. God said, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and compassion on whom I will have compassion, it is not of he that is willing or he that is running. It is of the Lord that showeth mercy. God has shown you His mercy. This is mercy speaking for you. I rest my case.

  2. I will advise you to harken to Him right away,He has power to save,protect,redeem, deliver and uphold you even to the very end.His power is eternal,religion is nothing but,the power of God,His words and His righteousness are important,therefore answer Him without any further delay and don’t listen to the voice of the devil because he knows he will lose you and you will be freed forever,taste Him,you will see that the Lord is good.Congrats,my sister.

  3. I will advise you to harken unto Him,because He has power to save,deliver,protect,redeem and uphold you even to the very end.Don’t listen to the voice of the devil as he knows that immediately you hear Jesus voice,He will lose you and all his plans over your life has been destroyed.Religion is baseless but,is the power of God,His words and righteousness that are important.Taste Him,you will see that the Lord is good.Congrats!

  4. Don’t be distracted by other voices that may be coming from other people because it’s only you who knows and experience what you have seen not them. So I will advise you to answer the call.

  5. This is a rare privilege my sister,answer the call of the master Jesus,He loves you and want to use you to glorify Himself, pls don’t hesitate to answer the call,God help you.

  6. The Lord has singled you out of many that are heading to hellfire and this call to be saved is a special invitation to you. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Surrender yourself to the Lord and watch out for more signs and wonders that will be manifested through you. Don’t be afriad, distracted or discouraged because the Lord of the Universe is your Protector and Saviour. CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. What you need to do is simple. Say this short prayer. Lord Jesus I believe that you came to this world to die for me and You rose for me, I accept You as my Lord and Savior. Do your will in my life, amen. Congratulations as you sincerely make this prayer.

  8. Congratulation! You are most privileged and must not take this for granted. It is a real call which you cannot neglect. You have to respond to his command and he will come further to tell you what to do next. Also,try to look out for a genuine man of God around you for proper guidance. May his grace be sufficient for you.Thank you and remain fitted in Jesus Name

  9. Appeared to you it doesn’t meant to convert or to submit or even confused,s since you are a Muslim and you know who is Jesus according to your own believe and religion .So it depends upon the nature of your dreams and the message the dream wanted to sent to you ,in Islam some dreams are fake others are real , therefore you should not confuse yourself OK! you should go to the one or two different respectable teachers in Islam and needs their guidance and I am sure they would put you through than to take yourself into social media ,if its true you are right.

    • You are totally wrong Mr Bashir ahmed, God wants to reeldeem this woman and save her from eternal damnation and I advise to seek genuine minister of the gospel for proper counseling. Thanks

  10. Salvation is the Greatest Miracle. Jesus loves us so much, that He died for our sins. Accept Jesus right now and experience PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS and His Glory and Presence will never depart from you. You are Blessed.


  12. Delay is dangerous, it’s the same experience many are dreaming to have and you have it on the ground of mercy. Tomorrow will be too late accept him now.

  13. Comment:Wow only few will have this Grace of God.I advice you visit a church and a pastor he will pray with you and you will be free.Never mind people will say or insult you may recieve he is ever reading protect,defind and guide you.Heaven is yours if only you accept him as your and personal savior.

  14. Comment: you are welcome beloved sister in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. please hold on to your new Lord Jesus Christ he is the saviour of our souls the prince of peace the Lord of the lords the redeemer of the world. He answers seven times if u call Him once and I pray that his spirit will never depart from you in Jesus name. Amen

  15. My sister. You’re among the most privilege few to have Jesus personally appear to bring the gospel of salvation to you. Don’t be confused nor afraid. Give up your fears to Him in prayers and accept Him immediately without delay. You’re too beloved of God. God bless you.

  16. Congratulation to all of you as a ambassadors of christ let us keep meditating is word and take it to those that need it most so that we can win soul

  17. I am not here to criticize , realistically saying….how does he look like…I will forward this message to this woman just try commenting on here first. His he black, white, Caucasian, or red. I really would love to know.

    • He really appears to people in different ways but one is for sure you will know that its Him without anyone telling you.

  18. I am not here to criticize , realistically saying….how does he look like…I will forward this message to this woman just try commenting on here first. His he black, white, Caucasian, or red. I really would love to know.


    20 APRIL 2017 · FRIENDS
    At the Lord’s hour, I had a dream and vision of my head upon my pillow between the hour of 12am and 12:30am, on the 15th of September, year 2016. I stood and beheld an unknown man in a private car who willingly pulled-over by my side to give me a ride, I was in my service uniform with other persons which were already in the car before me.

    As we were going, I saw some other persons, apparently observed to be in the same uniform with me; presumably waiting for a lift. The driver sped along without showing any concern about them, even after my effort to calling his attention to them, and all the seats were not occupied.

    We got to a certain place where I was to alight, by that time I found out to be the only one remaining in the car with my helper. I had to go on foot without knowing my actual destination, on getting to a place, I saw a gathering of people; the purpose of their gathering I do not know until when I drew closer to them. I was engrossed and baffled with what I saw them watching.

    Lo, I looked and beheld a scene, a heavenly scenario. People apparently considered to be held captive, entangled; like in hell, crying, shouting, weeping and lamenting. They seemed to be in great torture, entanglement and there were cries of anguish, both young and adults. The point is that none of them was able to be heard loudly while in pain, but it was obviously seen that they were in great pain. They were all Whites, and a name was mentioned as a voice was given account of them; but I decided to seal it.

    Another scene was unfolded, I beheld and saw so many people singing, they were joyful, happy and appreciating God for such an elated moment and place of ecstasy they found themselves. They were assumed to be in heaven. I saw people rejoicing with each other, young and adults, husbands and wives fill with gladness for making it through to this magnificent place. I beheld both Blacks and Whites in this other side.

  20. My sister I will urge you to quickly respond to the Masters call. For this is a very rare opportunity and I therefore urge you to make use of it now

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