Pakistani Christian Woman Accused & Raped By 4 Men Cries For Help and Justice (Video)

Pakistani Christian Woman Accused & Raped By 4 Men
Pakistani Christian Woman Accused & Raped By 4 Men

Recent video circulating online shows a Christian woman begging for help in Pakistan after she was reportedly raped by four men who tore her clothes and paraded her naked body on the streets.

Speaking in her native tongue, the woman also said her husband was arrested on false charges of blasphemy, and the Police is not helping her because she is a Christian woman.

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The video which has over 296,000 views, and over 11,000 shares, was shared by Renee Lynn – Voice for India.

Voice for India wrote:

Christian woman begging for help in Pakistan, raped by 4 men & tore her clothes & paraded her naked body on the streets, her husband was arrested on false charges of blasphemy. Police not helping her because she is a Christian woman. Help her please ! Who ever opposes Citizenship Amendment Act can go to HELL !!!

Udupi-Chikkamagaluru MP Shobha Karandlaje, also shared a video of the woman on her twitter as a means to urge those opposing Pakistan’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), to understand the plight of Christians, Hindus and other minorities living in Pakistan where they face persecution.

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Shobha Karandlaje
Shobha Karandlaje

“The woman was reportedly raped by four men and paraded naked on the streets of the town. The only mistake they found in her that she is a Christian,” said Shobha in her tweet.

Blasphemy Law In Pakistan

The Pakistan Penal Code, the main criminal code of Pakistan, punishes blasphemy (Urdu: قانون توہین رسالت‎) against any recognized religion, providing penalties ranging from a fine to death.

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A series of anti-blasphemy measures introduced in Pakistan in the 1980s made it illegal to insult Islam.

People have been accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, tearing pages of the holy Quran or writing offensive remarks on the walls of mosques. Sometimes, the law has been used to settle a personal dispute.

“Blasphemy” in Pakistan is punishable by death under law, and accusations often followed by mob brutality with fatal consequences.

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Blasphemy laws carry the death penalty or life in prison, and tend to target non-believers, religious minorities and dissenting Muslims. Though there has been an effective moratorium on carrying out the death sentence in recent years, dozens of people at least remain on death row, and furthermore those accused of blasphemy are often murdered before or after any trial takes place.

Notably, for a charge of blasphemy to be made in Pakistan an allegation is all that is required – and it may be highly subjective, since the laws do not provide clear guidance on what constitutes a violation. Proof of intent or evidence against the alleged is not necessary and there are no penalties for making false allegations.

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Mostly, blasphemy cases are either brought by those wishing to undermine minority groups or by those wishing to eliminate individuals against whom they have a feud or grudge. The mere accusation of blasphemy against someone can result in the accused’s life being endangered.

At least 1,472 people were charged under the law between 1987 and 2016, according to the Center for Social Justice, an advocacy group.

Pakistan ranks fifth on Open Doors 2020 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian.

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