This is an absolute must-see testimony. God completely transformed this heart that was once filled with so much hurt and hate and is now using Bryon Widner for His glory. Now a Christ loving Father, Bryon has a new lease on life after enduring hours and days of painful laser treatment to remove the hate tattoos on his face. This story is a testament that no matter how far down a path of destruction you may find yourself, you can always be a new creation by God.

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White supermist skinhead leader finds Jesus
White supermist skinhead leader finds Jesus

Widner was the founder of a white supremacist gang of skinheads – but after getting married and becoming a father in 2006, he was determined to put his racist past behind him. Unfortunately, the ever-present tattoos on his face and body made it hard for him to fit into society. People saw a menacing thug, not a loving father, the Associated Press reports.

What’s more painful than getting a tattoo? Removing one. Now, imagine removing not just one or two tattoos – but ones all over your face. That’s what reformed skinhead Bryon Widner did, when he decided the pain of living with marks of hatred on his face was worse than the agony it would take to remove them.

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Widner underwent 25 surgeries to remove tattoos on his face, neck, and hands – still leaving the ones all over his body.

Watch Bryon Widner Share His Amazing Testimony

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Bryon and his family are still being hunted due to the never ending reach of hatred. however, their mission is to never stop sharing the story of God’s love and redemption.

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