When Strong Temptations Surrounds Me,
And The World’s Tempest Face Me,
And Satan Comes In Like A Friend,
Pushing Strong For Me To Fall.

Saviour please fail not to call me,
As thou did’st Adam in Eden,
Saying where art thou oh sinner,
That I may be saved from ruins.

When Satan comes with his deceits,
Showing heights of worldly fame,
For my heart to bow and worship,
Just to gain worldly acclaim.

When the devil comes compelling,
Forcing me Thy will to shun
At my right hand stands resisting,
Falsely cries it shall be well

When I’m bent to go my own way,
To do all my feel and will,
When my heart and mind keep panting
Neither hot and yet not cold

When all friends and neighbours fail me
And all comforts fly away,
Deep sorrows come overpowering;
Like salt grains in tempest seas.

As a dog that no more heareth,
The hunter’s whistles and calls
I get lost in the world’s wilderness,
Hoping never to return.

When my hope and my confidence,
Get reposed in mere idols;
When incantations become prayers,
And I go chanting around.


  1. Hello IfeOluwa
    Have you got the score now or you still need it? That is, the score for “When strong temptations surround me” – “Nigbat’ idanwo yi mi ka.”

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