Muslim Imam Encounters Jesus After A Death Experience


I was dead and demons tried to take my soul but Messiah Jesus came and gave my life back – Watch His Testimony Video Below.

Muslim Imam Encounters Jesus After A Death Experience
Muslim Imam Encounters Jesus After A Death Experience

He not only hated Christians, he directed his followers at the mosque to attack them. But after he died and was being prepared for burial, he stunned his family by returning to life with a new message of salvation.

Munaf Ali*, 45, was an influential imam as well as scholar and preacher of Islam in a Middle Eastern country.

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One day a team from Bibles4Mideast approached the imam and they entered into a vigorous discussion about the authority of Jesus and the Bible. Munaf denied the divinity of Jesus Christ and the credibility of the Bible.

Pastor Paul offered him a copy of the New Testament but he refused to receive it. Visibly upset, the imam cursed the pastor and his team.

That night the imam incited a mob to attack the place where Pastor Paul and his team had been staying with shouts of “Allahu Akbar.”

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But the Holy Spirit directed them to leave that location a few hours earlier, narrowly escaping the attackers before they arrived, according to Bibles4Mideast.

A few days later, following Friday prayers, Munaf was returning home when he suddenly felt dizzy, fell to the ground, lost consciousness and died.

After his physical body expired, he was aware of demons coming for his soul.

“Get lost, you cursed demons of Allah. You have no right to take my soul!” the imam asserted.

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“No. It’s our right to take your life,” one of the demons replied. “And you will be with us,” as he forcefully grabbed the imam and began to depart.

But suddenly, Jesus Christ appeared before the imam with a large retinue of angels and the demons quickly fled in terror.

Then Jesus spoke to his heart: Listen, my son. First Adam disobeyed God and sinned against Him under Satan’s influence.

I am the second Adam, the Word of God and the Messiah Jesus, Son of the Most High. I was born of the virgin Mary, as a sinless Son of Man to redeem Adam and all of his descendants including you from sin and death.

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I was crucified and died as a ransom for all your sins to make you a child of God and citizen of heaven.

I was raised from the dead and opened the gates of heaven to bring you back to eternal glory. Have faith in me and be my witness. I give your life back, for I have the authority of giving life.

When Munaf’s soul returned to his body, his sons and other family members were trying to lay his body on a table for washing and preparation for burial. Many other people were also in the room.

His family and friends were astonished and some began to shriek when Munaf opened his eyes and sat up on the washing table. Many were frightened and backed away, as if they saw a ghost.

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“I was dead and demons tried to take my soul but Messiah Jesus came and gave my life back,” he began haltingly, and then proceeded to describe his experience.

Muslim Imam Encounters Jesus After A Death Experience

Some believed his report, but others refused to believe and began to ridicule him. One said Munaf must have hit his head and lost his senses. “He speaks meaningless words,” a man said.

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“He is possessed by an evil spirit,” someone charged.

Munaf became a bold witness for Jesus Christ, telling his family and anyone who visited him about his remarkable experience. His immediate family believed what he said about Jesus and accepted Him as their Savior and Lord.

As a result of his witness, he was dismissed from the mosque and told to see a psychiatrist. The community began to persecute them.

A short time later, facing serious threats, Munaf and his family left their home and their native country.

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Pray for Munaf and his family, that God would protect them and provide for them as they minister in the region.

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  1. Those who consider other religions to Christianity are ignorant. If you go through history you will understand the true religion between the two major religions in Nigeria. I perceived over the years that man do not like the truth they always embrace lies . The other religion is a photo copy, it photo copied all the available stories. Don’t forget the Bible has been existing over a century before that book was discovered. You need to be wiser.

    • My brother, just to confirm what you said, Judaism that gave us the old testament was founded more than 3500 years ago through Moses who is a descendant of Abraham. But the Bible History dates far back before Abraham.

      Muhammed who founded Islam was born in the year 570 AD and founded Islam in 610 AD. The new Testament Bible dates back to 4BC

  2. Jesus is Lord! My brothers and sisters(Muslims and sinners in the Church)we have heard from the horses mouth heaven and hell are real and Eternity is imminent.

  3. Jesus Christ is Lord indeed. Thank God he met Him one on one in the spirit. The man has gotten what cannot be taken from him.

  4. Comment:Thank God you have passed the message He gave you. Even if they persecute and kill you it cannot make the message of none effect. The message will be a witness to them on the last day. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength.

  5. Comment: thank God, God is indeed merciful, what a salvation, his testimony is Revealing, i pray for more Grace to witness for christ, i can see God still have a plan for this muslim jihadist.

  6. Jesus Christ have received the Messianic authority, it is left for humans to believe or disbelieve the gospel been preached by siant every day by day. 1john 4:4, said greater is he who is in us then he who is in the world

  7. The God of the Bible is the one and only true God of everything. How easy it is to see that all other religions after this is an imposter. Anyone who does not believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of all lords and is the Son of the Father who sits upon the throne of heaven and earth will not go to heaven. The blood covenant of Jesus is the only salvation and redemption for the soul. The dark-side is the enemy of God and is deceiving the world for the purpose of stealing souls. After this life, it is too late. Today is the window of grace. Reach out to the God of the Bible in faith, call upon His grace and He will save you.

  8. Praise God and give him the glory! All other religions are false, Jesus is THE ONLY WAY (John 14:6 KJB) to eternal life. Please let people know this, they are in great spiritual danger if they do not believe in and follow Jesus, as he said, “If you love me keep my commandments”.
    People need to know their bible and tell others about it. Ask Jesus to show you what to do and then he will. Live for pleasing God, and ask for what you need to do God’s will on earth!
    My heart and soul grieves for those who are lost, even so called “Christians” who act against what Jesus taught.
    Please know that not all will go to heaven, only those who love Jesus and do his commandments. Please read the King James Bible.
    Give all glory to God.

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