George Foreman: Word Heavyweight Champion Turned Preacher Of Jesus Christ After Near Death Encounter


“In a split second I saw death around me and in my hand and forehead, I felt Jesus was coming alive, then I saw blood,” Foreman remembers.

“I want to tell everybody that there is really a living God,” says Foreman. “This is not about a television show, but this is real.

George Foreman
George Foreman

You may know him as the oldest person to ever capture a heavyweight boxing title. Or you may know him by his famous cooking gadget that reduces the amount of fat in your meat products. Regardless, George Foremans name goes beyond the kitchen and the boxing ring.

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Like so many people do, Foreman joked about Gods existence, but a confirmation literally knocked on his dressing room door.

His powerful punch and menacing demeanor in the ring led George Foreman to Olympic Gold and heavyweight championships, but when Jimmy Young brutalized him in a humiliating defeat in 1977, the street bully from Houston felt he was dying.

“In the dressing room, I was walking back and forth to cool off,” he told The Houston Chronicle. “Then in a split second, I was fighting for my life.”

“In a split second I saw death around me and in my hand and forehead, I felt Jesus was coming alive, then I saw blood,” Foreman remembers.

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He concludes, “It scared me, just the smell of death never leaves you. I had to say goodbye to my mother and children.”

George Foreman

Foreman began bargaining with his Creator. If God saved him, he would give his prize money to charity.

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“I don’t want your money,” a voice responded. “I want you.”

Foreman was bewildered and confused. He had never met anybody who didn’t want money.

“It was the saddest, most horrible place I had ever seen,” he said. “Tears fell. I was scared. I’d never heard anyone turn down money. There I was fighting for my life with something that you couldn’t deal with. That changed my life forever.”

Then as his life ebbed away, too late to repent, Foreman felt a “giant hand” thrust him back into consciousness. He saw his friends. At the same time, he felt strangely filled with the presence of a dying Christ. He felt his forehead bleed and he imagined it pierced by Christ’s crown of thorns. He sensed his wrists punctured as if by the nails of the cross.

“I knew that Jesus Christ was coming alive in me,” Foreman told The Times. “I ran into the shower and turned on the water and — hallelujah! — I was born again. I kissed everybody in the dressing room and told them I loved them. That happened in March 1977, and I never have been the same again.

A passion began to stir in his heart. “I started reciting the Bible, talking from the pit of my stomach in that dressing room. I was talking about how Jesus was God’s son and that he was alive. So when I came out of that, I asked a friend to go get me a Bible. And he said, ‘What kind?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, one like your mother has.’ So, he went out and bought me a King James version of the Bible. And that’s how I got into religion.”

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This experience brought Foreman to a plateau in his relationship with Jesus.

George Foreman

“I want to tell everybody that there is really a living God,” says Foreman. “This is not about a television show, but this is real and it scared me. When I left boxing in 1977 to be a preacher I couldn’t make a fist after I learned about Jesus Christ.”

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The turnaround in Foreman was immediate and dramatic. Today, he preaches punchy sermons as pastor at the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Houston.

He was ordained a minister in 1978 and began preaching in his hometown of Houston, Texas. In 1984, he founded the George Foreman Youth and Community Center, a non-denominational place for kids who need direction like he once did.

In 1980, Foreman founded The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Presently, Foreman is birthing new pages in his life and in his new book. He is using tliterary measures to encourage others to learn from his mistakes. In a chapter entitled “Kiss of Death,” he discusses why we should appreciate the people in our lives, regardless of their faults.

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“So many of us have loved ones and people we really care about, and the only time we show affection is when they are gonel,” explains Foreman. “I have preached at funerals and you see loved ones who didnt even say hello to dear ones when they were alive. Give them hugs kisses while they are alive and need it.”

George Foreman
George Foreman

Today, Foreman is utilizing what he learned as a teenager. He teaches kids that making a fist will not bring a victory. He teaches kids how to overcome anger and aggression in a productive way.

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“I teach kids that want to be tough that their fists are not the way,” says the Marshall, Texas native.

Nicknamed “Big George”, Foreman is a two-time world heavyweight champion and an Olympic gold medalist. He is a father, a husband, a boxing legend, and an all round tough guy. He may not wear the gloves anymore in the ring, but he wears his gloves for another reason — reflecting the glory of God not from the fists, but from his heart.

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