What 21 Very Famous Celebrities Say & Love About Jesus Christ! (Athletes, Actors, Actress, Musicians)

Denzel Washington - Hollywood Actor
Denzel Washington - Hollywood Actor

This is a list of famous born-again Christians who believe in God, Jesus Christ and what they say about Jesus Christ and their faith in Him.

The list includes Dr Ben Carson, Kirk Cameron, George Foreman, Phil Robertson, Manny Pacquiao , Denzel Washington, Devon Franklin, David Oyelowo, Angus T Jones, Mark Burnett, Tim Tebow, Ray Lewis.

Manny Pacquiao – Boxing Champion
Many people are claiming they are Christians but they don’t really believe God, they just know God. You know why, because if you really believe God, you obey. But how can you say I believe God, and not obey?

Michael Chang – Tennis Player
I got news for you, athletes, non athletes, you can win and still be a Christian. In fact, you can win a lot and still be a Christian. You can win all the times and still shine for Jesus. How many times did Jesus lose? Never!

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Brian Welch – Musician
I got there and the pastor was saying, Jesus is real, if you invite Him into your life, he’ll come in and all the negative stuffs can’t stay, I was listening to him and I was like, I’m gonna ty this. I went home with my drugs, and I poured my heart out to God and I said, God, this drugs are going to kill me, and life my daughter without a dad, please if you’re real I need you, come into my life, give me a new life. And I just had an encounter with God’s love within the next few weeks, and I felt like Jesus came in, and put His arms around me. I didn’t see anything, but it was just like, it was a life-changing experience for me

Denzel Washington – Hollywood Actor
…and on what to pray about:
While you’re on your knees, say thank you. Thank you for grace, thank you for mercy, thank you for understanding, thank you for wisdom, thank you for parents, thank you for love, thank you for kindness, thank you for humility, thank you for peace, thank you for prosperity..

David Oyelowo – Actor and Director
I believe God called me to play Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (Reflecting on his portrayal of King in the film Selma). “I always knew that in order to play Dr. King, I had to have God flow through me because when you see Dr. King giving those speeches, you see that he is moving in his anointing.”

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Kirk Cameron – Actor
I believe that marriage was defined by God a long time ago. Marriage is almost as old as the earth and it was defined between Adam and Eve in the garden – one man, one woman, for life, till death do you part. So I will never try to redefine marriage and I don’t think anyone else should. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No.

George Foreman – Legendary Boxing Champion and Enterpreneur
Even the memory of people I don’t even have any more that I forgot to be nice to and give them a hug, I don’t see them and they don’t expect to see me, all the money in the world cannot replace that…….Oh I had a wonderful mom who’s passed on now. If she asked me now, which is more important, 5 million dollars or sitting in the hospital……..that is really a true value there.

Devon Franklin – Film Producer and Motivational Speaker
Please don’t go into an interview trying to become what the person want, be who you are, because your personality is what an organization want, because you being unique is what they don’t have. They have several other people trying to be what they think they want, but the one person that comes in and is autehentically themselves, is the one person that stands out and easily will get the job.

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Jürgen Klopp – Liverpool FC Manager

“To be a believer, but not to want to talk about it – I do not know how it would work!” “If anyone asks me about my faith, I give information. Not because I claim to be any sort of missionary. I’m Christian, I have to say it, and I believe in God, Jesus Is The Most Important Person In History. His death on the Cross “was the greatest act that has ever been achieved, it changed everything

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Ray Lewis – American Footballer
Everybody looks at the body from outside, but we forget it’s not the outside that we supposed to pay attention too. It’s on Him, because if I’m coming from Him, I can do all things. For men deal with the possible, but God deals with the impossible.

Angus T. Jones – Actor
This Bible and this God is the Truth, and you’re not going to know for sure, until yu throw yourself a hundred percent into it and start experience and applying the truth to your life, because Jesus said, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Dr. Ben Carson – Legendary Neurosurgeon
Everyone in the world worth being nice to. Because God never creates inferior human beings, each person deserves respect and dignity. God has given us more than fourteen billion cells and connections in our brain. Why would God give us such a complex organ system unless he expects us to use it?

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Tim Tebow – American Football Player
What God knows about us is more important than what others think. The more you make the choice to live above your feelings, to trust God instead of what you may feel like doing, the stronger your faith becomes. It’s not about being perfect. We will always be on a journey of growing closer to God.

Phil Robertson – TV Personality & enterpreneur
To all sinners, Jesus died on the cross to remove your sins, so you can go and be longer guilty. The past has been paid.

Chuck Norris – Martial Artist and Actor
There are certain powers out there that’s trying to take God out of our society, out of school, etc. So it’s really important right now that we as Christians join together, rise up and fight against these forces.

Mark Burnett – TV Producer
I’m a really, really, noisy Christian. I go on major TV shows and secular shows and say, absolutely, we believe Jesus Christ is God, we believe in Jesus Christ, we are Christians and we are so proud of it.

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Katty Ireland – Enterpreneur
I can’t remeber a time when I didn’t believe in God. But I didn’t become a Christian until I was 18 year old. I was travelling and my mum stuck a Bible in my bag, and as I read it, my life became completely changed. Jesus becme not only my Lord and Saviour, but my best friend. I knew that if He was with me, who can be against me?

Stephen Baldwin – Actor and Director
A big part of the story of my conversion was, you know, my witnessing my wife walk first, for like a whole year, and the power of my witnessing first hand, the experience she was having, was what led me to become very curious about it, which eventually led to my salvation.

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