Christianity Is Spreading In My Country: Iran’s Intelligence Minister Laments


“It is not the job of the intelligence community to find the roots of these conversions from Islam. But it’s happening right before our eyes”

Iran’s Intelligence Minister – Mahmoud Alavi

Iran’s intelligence minister has admitted publicly for the first time that Christianity is spreading throughout Iran. reports Mahmoud Alavi, the Islamic Republic’s intelligence minister, was giving a speech in front of several Shia Muslim clerics when he announced “Christianity is spreading in “parts” of Iran.”

In an apparent attempt to make light of the people are converting, Alavi said: “These converts are ordinary people whose jobs are selling sandwiches or similar things.”

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The intelligence minister also told the clerics to quit bickering among themselves.

“We had no choice but to summon them to ask them why they were converting,” Alavi told the assembled group. “Some of them said they were looking for a religion that gives them peace. We told them that Islam is the religion of brotherhood and peace. They responded by saying that: ‘All the time we see Muslim clerics and those who preach from the pulpit talk against each other. If Islam is the religion of cordiality, then before anything else, there must be cordiality and peace among the clerics themselves.”

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“It is not the job of the intelligence community to find the roots of these conversions from Islam. But it’s happening right before our eyes,” he added.

Iran ranks 9th on Christian support organization Open Doors 2019 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

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  1. By God grace, peace will dominate the world tru friendly, organize, brotherly Gospel call CHRISTAINITY in Jesus name.

  2. Halelluyah every think in the most be a peace by the grace change Christ,Jesus I only way give Jesus your life let be a one in world Good bless all accept God

  3. In truth, I am overjoyed to see our Lord working in such places around the world as I know many people who believe in this false faith who are good people and I am saddened that they are deceived. They are a people of such faith also, even though it is misplaced. I praise my God on high and He who sits at his right hand side for the work of the Spirit I am witnessing.

  4. Enough of deception, people have been able to see for themselves that they were been deceived that Islam mean peace whereas it is a lie, JESUS is the Prince of peace that guaranteed peace either for individual or a nation that embrace Him. SO IRAN embrace JESUS CHRIST.

  5. Stop calling them Muslim please, because they are not Muslim in the first place.therefore if the whole country will change or convert to Christianity nothing will happen to the Muslim or Islam in general. Islam is the only religion recognize by Allah, alhamdulillah we out numbered any religion in the world, and those converted to Christianity will remain in hellfire if they couldn’t repent to Allah (s.w.t),oh! Allah safe our faith and guide us to right path amiin

  6. May the Lord liberate the Muslims from the shackles of satan (allah) to the light of Jesus Christ. The gospel shall gets to all corners of the world.


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