Richest Man In Singapore, Chee Tat Ng Says No Better Life Without Jesus (Video)


“I realized there was no better me, or better things without Jesus”

Philip Ng Chee Tat is indisputably, the richest man in Singapore.

Philip Ng Chee Tat is, indisputably, the richest man in Singapore. Worth an estimated $8.7 billion. In this video he destroys materialism, when asked about key success to life. “All of us our broken,” he said.

“I have discovered that all of us are broken, we all have a missing piece. For me, I discovered that the missing piece was God in Jesus Christ.”

“I was always in search of a better life, a better purpose, a better me – a better everything. I was looking at all the wrong things.”

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“When I realized there was no better me, or better things without Jesus, then it all snapped in place.” Maybe we have to look deeper, I treasure that more than anything.

“It sure beats a lot of money and material things that you may have. It starts with accepting you are broken and there is a missing piece. For me, personally, that missing piece is our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Watch The Video Below:

Mr. Chee Tat has since 1991, been the Chief Executive Officer of Far East Organization Centre Pte. Ltd. (Singapore’s largest closely held developer). Since 1986, Mr. Ng has been a Consultant for Hong Kong and China projects of the Sino Group in Hong Kong with duties of planning and guiding development activities. He has been Strategic Advisor of Far East Orchard Limited since January 1, 2013. He served as Executive Chairman of Orchard Parade Holdings Ltd. (now Far East Orchard Limited)

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