Top 10 Naomi Raine Songs

Naomi Raine
Naomi Raine

Naomi Raine Solomon is an American gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader. She is also a member of Maverick City Music Collective. Born April 9, 1987 to the famed gospel singer Lawrence Felder, Naomi carried the torch passed down by her parents to spread the gospel through song. At the age of 2, Naomi Raine sang in her first concert! And by the age of 7, she had already written her first song.

  1. Promises
  2. God Will Work It out
  3. Joy of the Lord
  4. Jireh
  5. Crazy Love
  6. God Problems
  7. Good News
  8. In The Room
  9. One Name (Jesus)
  10. Firm Foundation (He’s Gonna Make A Way)

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