‘Slow-Motion Jihad In Nigeria’: Joe Biden Administration Under Fire


A persecution watchdog is delivering a pointed message to the Biden administration after the U.S. State Department again declined to list Nigeria on its Countries of Particular Concern list, with the expert warning that there’s a “slow-motion genocide” unfolding against Christians inside the African nation.

Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern (ICC), told CBN Digital there have been an estimated 100,000 deaths over the past two decades, with 3.5 million Christian farmers being unfairly driven from their lands.

The ongoing and intense persecution has left King and other leaders perplexed as to why the State Department continues to leave Nigeria off its Countries of Particular Concern list, a designation King said provides “a list of the countries with the worst records on religious freedom around the world.”

The Ongoing Genocide of Nigerian Christians

If given the chance to speak with the Biden administration, King said he’d deliver a candid assessment of the dire nature of the ever-deteriorating situation.

“This is a slow-motion genocide,” he said. “It’s a slow-motion Jihad.”

King added, “What does it take for the United States to use what they’re best at — just use the administration, use the bully pulpit to speak up and to stand for those who are oppressed, to stand for the defenseless? That’s all we have to do.”

The persecution watchdog said it’s essential to call out what’s unfolding in Nigeria and pressure officials there to take action.

Inside Nigeria’s Deadly Persecution: ‘Over 100,000 Christians Have Been Murdered’

“The … hidden story in all this … it’s really because Muslims are in control of the army, the intel agencies, and the police, and that’s why nothing ever happens. It’s an inside job.”

CBN Digital has extensively covered the stonings, deaths, and harassment Christians face inside Nigeria. King said the persecution issue began to intensify about 20 years ago when believers started being driven out of their villages at gunpoint, with machetes and armed attacks unfolding at the hands of Fulani tribesmen.

“They’d come in, they would machete and shoot everybody, burn the place to the ground,” King said. ‘That’s happened over, and over, and over for the last 20 years.”

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Watch King explain the crisis in Nigeria

Source: Faithwire

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