Biography Of Naomi Raine – Gospel Musician

Naomi Raine
Naomi Raine

Naomi Raine Solomon is an American gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader. She is also a member of Maverick City Music Collective.

Born April 9, 1987 to the famed gospel singer Lawrence Felder, Naomi carried the torch passed down by her parents to spread the gospel through song. Standing on the word spoken over her parents that “their seed would bless the earth,” Naomi Raine has traveled to countless places sharing the message of Jesus Christ to thousands of people.

At the age of 2, Naomi Raine sang in her first concert! And by the age of 7, she had already written her first song. Since that time, Naomi has taken the gifts and talents that God has given her and uses them to bring God glory wherever she goes.

Raine made her debut with Maverick City Music in 2019, releasing two projects that year. As of September 2022, they had released an additional 11 projects. As a member of Maverick City Music, Raine was a part of the “Welcome to Maverick City” and “Kingdom” tours in the United States.

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On July 8, 2022, Raine released her solo album “Journey” through TRIBL Records. “Journey” consists of 15 songs produced by Raine with G. Morris Coleman.

In Spring 2023, Raine embarked on the “It’s Time” tour, along with Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Natalie Grant, and TAYA. The tour spanned over 20 cities across the United States, and Raine and her fellow, female worship leaders were later joined by Tamela Mann and Katie Torwalt on the tour.

On June 2, 2023, Raine released her debut live album “Cover The Earth (Live In New York)” which features Natalie Grant, Todd Dulaney, Chandler Moore, and Lizzie Morgan. Produced by Adale Jackson, “Cover The Earth” consists of 14 songs, including “One Name (Jesus),” the album’s lead single.


  1. I PRAY, that GOD, will continue, to (RICHLY) bless, and keep her in her work, of sharing (GOD’S) love, to the lost, and the forgotten ! May she continue, to be the torch, the light, that this world (desperately) needs ! May GOD, bless and keep you Naomi ! XX

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