1. Like silver lamps in a distant shrine,
    The stars are sparkling clear and bright ;
The bells of the City of God ring out,1
    For the Son of Mary was2 born to-night:
The gloom is past, and the morn at last
    Is coming with orient light!

2. Never fell melodies half so sweet3
    As those which are filling the skies ;
And never a palace shone half so fair,
    As the manger bed where our Saviour lies ;
No night in the year is half so dear
    As this, which has ended our sighs.

3. Now a new Power has come on the earth,
    A match for the armies of hell :
A Child is born who shall conquer the foe,
    And all the spirits of wickedness quell :
For Mary’s Son is the Mighty One
    Whom the prophets of God foretell !

4. The stars of heaven still shine as at first
    They gleamed on this wonderful night;
The bells of the City of God peal out,
    And the Angels’ song still rings in the height;
And Love still turns where the Godhead burns.
    Veiled in the Flesh from fleshly sight.4

5. Faith sees no longer the stable floor,
    The pavement of sapphire is there ;
The clear light of heaven streams out to the world,
    And Angels of God are crowding the air;
And heaven and earth, through the spotless Birth,
    Are at peace on this night so fair!

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