Israel’s Future Depends on Outcome of This War: Defense Minister


As the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Hezbollah in the north continues, Israel’s defense minister Yoav Gallant, has stated the future of the Jewish state depends on the outcome of this war.

“The intensive fighting in the northern Gaza Strip has ended and will soon end in the city of Khan Younis in the southern sector,” Gallant said. “However, the Israeli military will keep attacking to eliminate Hamas capabilities and bring the hostages home.”

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“The cruel enemy before us understands only force,” he cautioned. “If the fire stops, the fate of the abductees will be sealed for many years in the captivity of Hamas. Without military pressure, no one will talk to us, without military pressure we will not be able to reach any agreements. Only from a position of strength can the abductees be freed.”

Hamas launched dozens of rockets at southern Israeli communities on Tuesday, causing some damage.

The terror group marked 100 days of war by releasing a series of videos about three hostages – Itay Svirsky, Yossi Sharabi and Noa Aramani.

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Israeli Defense Forces Spokesman Daniel Hagari stated, “26-year-old Noa Argamani was with her friends celebrating peace at the Nova Music festival before being seized by Hamas. The image of Noa on the back of a motorcycle, surrounded by Hamas terrorists, crying out for help, shook the world.”

First, Hamas released a video of the three captives, then came a guessing game, followed by another video with one of the three hostages explaining that the other two were killed by Israeli fire.

Hagari asserted, “Hamas is weaponizing social media as an instrument of war. Hamas wages psychological warfare to terrorize and torment the hostages, their families, and the world.”

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Argami’s mother, who has brain cancer, recently appealed for the release of her daughter, so she can see her before she dies.

Meanwhile, Inside Israel, two terrorists who were working at an Israeli car wash illegally carried out multiple stabbing and car-ramming attacks on Monday in the city of Ra’anana near Tel Aviv.

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One woman was killed an 17 others injured, including children, in the attacks, as Israel’s cabinet continues to debate whether or not to allow West Bank Palestinians into the country to work.

On the northern front, Israel struck Hezbollah targets Monday. Earlier, a rocket made a direct hit on a home in an agricultural community along the border, killing two Israelis.

Iranian-backed groups continue to use the Gaza war as an excuse to carry out attacks in the region. Media sources report the Iranian Revolutionary Guard launched ballistic missiles that hit an upscale area in Irbil, Iraq, near the U.S. consulate. Four civilians were reportedly killed and six injured.

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Iran announced it had launched strikes against what it called Israeli “spy headquarters and the gathering of anti-Iranian terrorist groups.”


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