Apostle Johnson Suleman’s prophecies for 2023:

  1. In 2023 you will reign amongst men
  2. In 2023 there shall be showers of blessings
  3. In 2023 abundance of all good things shall overwhelm you
  4. The pains of 2022, the troubles of 2022 will not see 2023
  5. In 2023 your enemies shall fight themselves
  6. In 2023 God will give you what money cannot buy
  7. In 2023 you will not go hungry
  8. In 2023 intimacy with the Holy Spirit shall be your portion
  9. In 2023 God will use you to populate his kingdom
  10. In 2023 you will not stand before mean men
  11. In 2023 your family and friends will be proud of you
  12. In 2023 your enemies secret against you shall be exposed to you
  13. In 2023 no man will be able to hurt you
  14. In 2023 you will not weep for sorrow
  15. In 2023 you shall move from celebration to celebration
  16. In 2023 all your great dreams shall be interpreted by helpers this year
  17. In 2023 I am that I am will be with you
  18. In 2023 his almightiness will cover your emptiness
  19. In 2023 evil prophecy about you will fail woefully
  20. In 2023 Angels shall surround you from January to December
  21. In 2023 you will not miss divine direction
  22. In 2023 God will help you to pursue purity
  23. In 2023 your generation shall call you blessed

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