2023: I saw a nation going down the drain, I cried — Bishop Oyedepo
“Beware of pride”

  1. The year 2023 shall be a year of wildfire spiritual awakening in our midst, where every Winner shall be walking in the fear of God as a new way of life, thereby attracting multitudes to Christ and this church.
  2. The year 2023 shall be a year of the outbreak of light that will lead to a supernatural change of story for us as individuals.
  3. There shall be a new dimension of explosive church growth in the year 2023 above all that we ever heard or experienced as a commission till date.
  4. There shall be the rise of an army of giants, the kind the world has never known from our midst in 2023, the darkness and gloominess hovering over the world notwithstanding.
  5. There shall be a rise of global solution providers among us in the year 2023.
  6. There shall be a rise of globally ranked financiers from this commission from the year 2023 onwards.
  7. God shall be turning men and women, boys and girls in this commission into signs and wonders; individuals that shall be operating on the frequency of the supernatural in their various fields of endeavours.

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Full text of his message which started as a prayer:

FATHER we thank you for what you have done thus far. We await the next. Let no one miss the next life that you would be sending. Thank you for the loaded day in the hour of visitation. On this night of encounter, let no one miss his or her own encounter. And thank you Father. I think I am prompted by the Spirit. We need to pray for this nation. It’s not experience that makes a prophet. It’s a call.

I warned this nation 2015 that we are heading for crisis and trauma. Many were ‘washing’ their mouth. Some of them are off today. God does not require consensus to raise a prophet. I saw a nation going down the drain, I cried.

There are many prophets of politicians who speak what they want to hear. I have been very silent.

What we need now is not a leader, it’s a deliverer. And I am telling you the truth. Almost nothing remains except the church that can be called a nation.

You can see it yourself. What event would any system running in Nigeria that would bring 50 nations together? The only thing of value to the world today is the church in Nigeria.

Economy? Battered! Security? Zero! A hundred million of you can’t keep me silent. Lord, send us a deliverer! Send us! Send us a deliverer. I am not a beneficiary of zero from government.

I had been called into prophetic work before they started doing their politics. There is nothing I have said about this land that has failed. Now, the destiny of Nigeria is hanging. Ah! It’s hanging. It’s hanging. The money distributors are busy distributing. They are never tired.

Church all over the world. Diaspora. Wherever you are. You love Nigeria. Lift up your voice. God, send us a deliverer and give us rest again. Go ahead and pray everybody. Send us a deliverer. And give us rest again in Nigeria. Send us a deliverer and give us rest in Nigeria again. Send us a deliverer. And give us rest in Nigeria again. Send us a deliverer and give us rest in Nigeria again. Send us a deliverer and give us rest in Nigeria again. Send us a deliverer. And give us rest in Nigeria again. Give us rest in Nigeria. In Jesus’ precious name we have prayed.

I couldn’t watch a human being, being set on fire. I couldn’t watch it. But I told you 2015. You are bargaining for trauma without knowing. We are long overdue for rest. This land is long overdue for rest.

He sent them a deliverer in Israel and the land had rest for eighty years. I am not a politician and I would never be one. I would never carry a box for people to vote for me. Never! I left that realm long time. But this land must have rest. Nigeria must have rest. You should be able to travel to Kano and be at peace. You should be able to travel to Maiduguri and be at rest. Go on the road and be peaceful. Many don’t care what happens to nobody.

I have been quiet. I said I would not say a word until God puts words in my mouth. And I was praying one day and God said what the land needs is a deliverer. The Lord told me live.

Right now, we have a big-time Congress going on in Redemption Camp. With multitudes outside the country. There are many, many conferences in Nigeria today. It is the church giving a face of honour to Nigeria. I know. I know. I know. We are at peace, they are in crisis. We are at peace. But we want the well-being of every mortal man in this country. And as the Lord lives, as we pray, the deliverer will emerge. The land will have rest. Your land will have rest. You won’t become a refugee in another man’s country. There shall be no war in Nigeria. There shall be no bloodshed in Nigeria.

Nigeria shall prosper again. Nigeria shall prosper again. The shame of this nation will be rolled away. The perpetrators will pay for it. You can’t kill other people’s children and have your children alive.

When our church was 20, this prophetic voice was there. It’s not that you are talking because there is a crowd. When we were 50…

My son, you understand what I am saying? It’s not science that makes a prophet… Thank you Jesus. God will work his wonders in Nigeria. This revival will emerge and will bring about a change in Nigeria. Every nation of Africa will have rest again. Give the Lord a big hand of praise. And be seated please.

Say to the wicked, it shall not be well with them. Every sponsor of unrest in Nigeria, it shall not be well with them. It takes spiritual madness to pray for robbers. They came to your house and you said: “God, just have mercy on them.” No, you react, with every available resources around you. Thank you Jesus. We welcome all of them. But God will have His choice. And God’s choice will give us rest. In the name of Jesus Christ.

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