I love to tell the story,
What Jesus is to me;
My heart is filled with glory,
Since through His grace I’m free.

I’m drinking at the fountain,
My cup of joy o’erflows;
I live upon the mountain,
My heart no trouble knows.

My life is full of sweetness,
My heart is full of rest;
I feel a blest completeness,
While leaning on His breast.

My life is blissful sunshine,
No clouds o’erhang my way;
All is a joyous springtime,
A bright and sunny day.

I live in blissful Eden,
Where flowers ever bloom;
In pastures green I’m feeding,
My life is free from gloom.

Some say there must be shadows,
Each one dark days must see;
But since I found the Savior,
I’ve constant victory.

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