What makes mistaken men afraid
Of sovereign grace to preach?
The reason is, if truth be said,
Because they are so rich.

[Why so offensive in their eyes
Does God’s election seem?
Because they think themselves so wise,
That they have chosen him.]

[Of perseverance why so loth
Are some to speak or hear?
Because, as masters over sloth
They vow to persevere.]

[Whence is imputed righteousness
A point so little known?
Because men think they all possess
Some righteousness their own.]

Not so the needy, helpless soul
Prefers his humble prayer;
He looks to Him that works the whole,
And seeks his treasure there.

His language is, ‘Let me, my God,
On sovereign grace rely;
And own ’tis free, because bestow’d
On one so vile as I.

‘Election! ’tis a word divine;
For, Lord, I plainly see,
Had not thy choice prevented mine,
I ne’er had chosen thee.

‘For perseverance, strength I’ve none,
But would on this depend,
That Jesus, having loved his own,
Will love them to the end.]

‘Empty and bare, I come to thee
For righteousness divine;
O, may thy matchless merits be,
By imputation, mine.’

[Thus differ these; yet hoping each
To make salvation sure;
Now most men will approve the rich,
But Christ has blest the poor.

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