Wand’ring afar from my home above,
Far from the Savior’s arms of love;
Barren the fields I am feeding in,
Walking the downward paths of sin.

Calling today,
Calling today;
I will return to His arms of love
While He is calling today.

Wand’ring afar on a dreary road,
Bearing a sinful, heavy load;
Weary and seeking for rest, I pray,
I will return, O Lord, today.

Wand’ring afar, where the storm winds blow,
Feeling the pangs of guilt and woe;
Life is a burden, the future drear;
Can I thus die while help is near?

Wand’ring afar on the mountain wild,
Still He is calling, ‘Come, my child;
Hasten to Me, I will all forgive;
Perishing soul, oh, come and live!’

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