Streams Of Joy Pastor Jerry Eze 2024 Prophecies, Prayers and Prophetic Declarations

Pastor Jerry Eze 2024 Prophecies
Pastor Jerry Eze 2024 Prophecies

Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze, the founder and general overseer of Streams of Joy International, has released some prophecies and prophetic declarations for the year 2024.

The man of God made the prophetic declarations and prayers during the crossover service held on December 31, 2023.

Read Pastor Jerry Eze 2024 Prophecies, Prayers and Prophetic Declarations Below

“Today whatsoever that is not of God that followed me in 2023 into this year, hear the word of the Lord it is over.

Let every pattern be broken, let every cycle be broken

Today every former level, every level associated with 2023, I break to Higher Ground

Right now, I move around in the spirit, I move into my house, I move into my career

I move into 2024

Let there be light

(You are not just making a statement, but where the word of the king is there is power).

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The Bible says there is the glory of the sun, there is the glory of the Moon, there is the glory of the Stars, each star different from another in glory; in other words light is graded, light is graded but there is light that you are calling forth, it is not the one you saw in 2023, it’s a greater light.

The Lord says let the greater light rule by day

Let there be light everywhere, right now.

Today, any negativity that has occupied any throne in my family, in my career, in my business, fire.

Today whatsoever that is not of the Lord, whatsoever that the Lord did not say, any heavy burden, any evil burden around me, you will not enter 2024, but right now I shake you off by fire.

Even if you don’t have faith my faith will carry you. As your two hands are lifted, any power that said that the same way 2023 was is the same way your 2024 will be, let it be broken.

In 2024, run, overtake and recover all

Thus saith the Lord unto you, Behold, I do a new thing.

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Except there is no God on the altar of fire if in the next 14 days you don’t see the evidence of this night, in the next 14 days let the evidence of this night break out around.

It’s a new year, new Joy, new peace, new love, new celebration….

Streams of Joy welcome to 2024, it is our year of El-Roi, The God That Sees Me.

I hear the sound of abundance of rain
I hear the sound of Celebration
I hear the sound of congratulation
I hear the sound of open doors
I hear the sound of a new level

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of man what the Lord has prepared

Streams Of Joy 2024 Declarations

Hear me as I hear the Lord between, January and February you shall have seven Mega celebrations.
Hear me again, power of delay at your transition season I announce it has been broken.

Perfect health is your portion
Before you need help you will receive help
No more battles
Daily celebrations
Financial breakthrough
A rain of fire, a rain of favor
Receive it right now, take your Thrones and crowns
Take your marital celebration
Whatever is missing in your life in 2023 appears in 14 days
I announce let your family rise to the new season
Let the Lord push you forward
Receive access
Receive high favor
Receive helpers
Receive new ideas
Receive creativity
Receive new helpers

2024 Declarations

Nothing goes wrong around me
I walk in Daily Victory
My enemies scatter before they gather
Before I ask He answers
No detail of My Life Escapes his watchful eyes
I am not afraid of the devices of the enemy
The God that sees, this is my confidence,
He sees to change, He sees to direct, He sees to lift, He sees to demonstrate His power, He sees to turn things around, He sees to show me mercy daily, He sees to make me a spectavle of His glory.
Guess what – I am the apple of His eyes

To the God who sees me
I will live in the consciousness of Your presence
I will stand as a true soldier of the kingdom.
I will give my all – my body, soul and spirit, my finance and my time, all for the kingdom.

I love my El-Roi
El-Roi is my beautifier
El-Roi my lifter
El-Roi my advocate
El-Roi my helper
El-Roi, the solid rock on which I stand
I am not alone, You are forever by my side.
The world will see and know that I have finally seen the God that sees me.

Hear me again Heaven and Earth, my case is different I have seen the God that sees me – El-Roi! El-Roi!! El-Roi!!!

What God cannot do does not exist.

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