2024 Prophecies By Pastor Toye Ebijomore

Pastor Toye Ebijomore
Pastor Toye Ebijomore

The Founder and General Overseer of God’s Anointed and Blessed Church International, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, Pastor Toye Ebijomore, prophecies for 2024.

(1) The Lord revealed some of His deep things to me and based upon these, I hereby declare that this is a year of positive confessions, God’s help and the dawn of reign of His children.
(2) In this year, people should watch what they will confess to themselves because I saw the Spirit of the Lord in the similitude of a legal seal dropping down in the air upon the uttered desires of people. The Lord will specifically hasten approval on the words of His servants for great changes in the life of people. Let people beware and be wise!
(3) In this year, God Himself will be the help of those who trust in Him and people will experience great help in their endeavours and have testimonies of great successes as long as they seek Him.
(4) In this year, the Lord will give spectacular help to some of His servants and also to His churches.
(5) There will be moderate rain for the farmers in this year and there will be foods for people.
(6) In this year, the prices of things apart, but the Lord will make His people to have enough to spend for what they want and we will eat in plenty no matter what.

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(7) In this year, the Lord will renew reigns of the godly and enthrone more godly people in authority to start reigning for the people to rejoice.
(8) In this year, many job seekers will be well placed, the Central Bank of Nigeria will come up with new policies which will result into money in many hands and many businesses will start to boom.
(9) The Spirit of the Lord took me from the altar to look up to the sky of the heavens and I saw a very long white clothe that stretched vast across with blood dripping down from it, In this year, there will be miracles of healing and those who were listed to die will be redeemed back to life and live longer.
(10) It is unfortunate that Ondo State was thrown into mourning towards the end of last year but it still remained as Lord revealed long ago and made me say likewise, prayer of atonement to enable successive governors of the State to complete their tenure in office must be made genuinely without delay. Very urgently also, his immediate successor should pay the gratuity of all the retired workers, not delay pensions and salaries the people.
(11) The Lord said he has answered yes to us that have been praying for the governorship of Ondo State to rotate round the every tribe of the State. Thus, the coming governorship election in Ondo State will produce a governor assigned by the Lord to restore and redeem the losses of the State and the people will greatly rejoice.
(12) The ongoing political crisis in Rivers State were in the 7th and 8th of my 2022 prophecies as found published by some media houses and in the church website also. Therefore, the Lord has permitted the happenings in the State to make the people rejoice when He shall establish the reign of the governor.
(13)I asked the Lord if Nigeria will still enter into her solution ground in 2 years time as He revealed to me and made me to say in the year 2019. He made me to look up to the sky and I saw white clouds with amazing beauty in the heaven upon Nigeria but heavy smokes from different sources on the ground also formed dark clouds below it to prevent its beauty upon the ground. The evil sacrifices in Nigeria has formed massive spiritual wickedness in her heaven against the effect of good plans for her and if they are not taken away, the good plans for Nigeria will hardly come to effect.
(14) Thus, the Lord said I should tell President Bola Tinubu to gather His servants together for National Prayers of Redemption, Dedication and Offer holy sacrifice to Him for the taking away of the evil sacrifices to enable him to receive His great help to succeed in his good plans.
(15) The Lord said, Nigeria will come up for the world to see as the sun rises beautifully and strongly in a cool morning.

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(16) In this year, some powerful people, but who are the troublers of Nigeria will be exposed by the Lord and the federal government will go after them because they have plans to cause some shocking disasters across the nation. The federal government should empower the security forces more than ever.
(17) I asked the Lord again if the date for the young Igbo man to become the president of Nigeria as He told me to say in 2year ago has changed. He revealed the young man who is from an Igbo father but non-Igbo mother, and He told me that the Igbos should forsake violence and He would draw the day nearer when they seek Him. I reserve the rest.
(18)I ask the Lord if the series of war among some nations of the world will lead to world war or bring an end to this present world and He answered me no, but that the time is only nearer. Then, I saw the world leaders coming together for a meeting of an agenda for new peace and the war between some countries will continue for a period but will then cease for some years.
Let the Lord bless His words and take all the glory and give His peace unto us all in Jesus name.

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