China ‘Declares War’ On Christianity, Christian Persecution Worst In 40 Years

Chinese Christian Persecution

Christian persecution in China is at its worst in 40 years, according to Dr. Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid.

Dr. Fu who recently spoke about this issue on The Voice of the Martyrs Canada’s podcast, Closer to the Fire said that the Chinese Communist party has literally declared war on Christians.

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“Without any exaggeration, the persecution against the Christians and other religious minorities has really reached the worst level we have not seen in 40 years since the Cultural Revolution…. For the first time, we have seen the Communist Party is cracking down on the Church across the board; literally declared a war against Christianity.”

“For the first time, millions of Chinese children were forced to sign a form – these are Christian children – to renounce their faith in public,” says Fu. “Even the government-sanctioned churches have been targeted for persecution. Those pastors who refuse to voluntarily destroy, remove, and demolish their crosses have been facing huge risks of persecution.”

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“The government-sanctioned churches, every church pulpit and the four corners of the church have to install face recognition cameras so that they can monitor the congregation – whether there’s any children, there’s any youth under 18 years old, any Communist Party member, any Communist Youth League member, any civil servant, or any police or military service member. These are all forbidden to even enter into the church building,” according to Dr. Fu, Mission Network News reports.

Despite the growing persecution of Christians in China and attempts from the Communist Party to forcibly get Christians to deny their faith, the underground church in China continues to experience explosive growth; in fact, there are now more Christians in China than members of the Chinese Communist Party, according to report.

Believers Portal recently reported that the Chinese government’s persecution of Christians has only led to even more church growth, causing the Communist Party to now target the Bible itself, with what it calls an “update” with “socialist values,” and removing passages that don’t reflect communist beliefs.

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“The Chinese are no longer content with all of these attempts to try to forcibly get Christians to deny their faith,” says Tina Ramirez, the founder of Hardwired Global. “And so now they’ve just taken it to a new level where they’re trying to rewrite the scripture and what the Bible says, to confuse them and to prevent them from becoming Christians.”

One example from a high school textbook, a Communist Party revision of John, Chapter Eight, about the woman caught in adultery, perverts the true biblical account of Jesus. It now says:

“Jesus once said to the angry crowd who was trying to stone a woman who had sinned, “He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” When his words came to their ears, they stopped moving forward. When everyone went out, Jesus stoned the woman himself, and said “I am also a sinner.”

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We may not know what God is doing in China. But we can pray for Chinese believers to be steadfast in their faith and for the growth of the Chinese Church despite persecution, that the number of believers in Jesus Christ would multiply, and that the true Word of the Gospel would be known!.

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