Skipping From An Evil Spirit To A God Of Love, I Gave My Life To Satan At Age 10

Alexandre - former satanist
Alexandre - former satanist

Living in a non-religious family, Alexandre was not raised in the religion, but at the age of 10 years he found a book of witchcraft in the library. “It immediately attracted me,” he said, I hid it in my room and I read it rapidly. Even if I did not really understand what I was reading. I’ve heard a appeal on my life. Then, with my children faith and by cutting myself to sign a pact with my blood, one evening I gave my life to Satan.

Guided and advised

The first years, it was very pleasant, I had a power to conduct the others, I could see the unseen, I could speak with demons. I spent quite long time to be taught by the spirits.They told me what to do to to reach my goals. How to approach people in order to influence/seduce them. I knew by heart formulas and occult knowledges. As a teenager, I was very excited.

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A real sense of suffering

At the age of 18, I ran a very large group of persons. I earned more than 50 books of occultism. I converted to satanism a lot of people. Despite all, inside me growed a pain, nothing fulfilled me. Neither money, nor power, nor relationship. I lied, I stole, I rode people against each other. I thought about suicide and I mutilated myself with scissors in the shower. I had no longer illusions. I understood that the demoniac world used me to spread out its will. That I was a tool which was going to be used and then thrown away.

A call from God

I received one day a proposal to attend a Christian meeting which was for me the deadly enemy. But I felt a need to go. I was aware of the spiritual world but my need was supernatural. I felt bad during the whole evening. I had such a hatred for God. At the end of the meeting, I wanted to see the pastor in order to ask him some questions. We talked for more than 3 hours. My world was collapsed because I heard God speaking to me through this man. I felt His call and the promise of a better life.

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Skipping from an evil spirit to a God of Love

It took me two months to be converted. The day I made the step I felt a terrible opposition in my being and my relationship. But a  more powerful strenght invaded me, a love I never knew. I felt God ! He welcomed me without any contract nor counterpart. Blameless. I had the revelation that for years He wanted to meet me. It took me some years to get free from all my boundages and my occult habits. Since then, no more depression, no more envy of suicide, no more mutilation. I am free and I am member of a local church and I love God ! Every day I have new challenges, but He speaks to me, advise me and carry me. I am no longer alone. He is always with me.

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  1. I am blessed to know that my Saviour Jesus Christ is converting His own…this shows that the end of the world is at hand.

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