• I have a Savior, He’s pleading in glory,
    A dear loving Savior, though earth-friends be few;
    And now He is watching in tenderness o’er me,
    But oh, that my Savior were your Savior too!

For you I am praying,
For you I am praying,
For you I am praying,
I’m praying for you.

  • I have a Father: to me He has given
    A hope for eternity, blessed and true;
    He’ll call me one day to the kingdom of heaven,
    But oh, that He’d let me bring you with me too!
  • I have a peace: it is calm as a river,
    A peace that the friends of this world never knew;
    My Savior alone is its Author and Giver,
    And oh, could I know it was given to you!


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