I Gave My Life For Thee Hymn Lyrics

  1. I gave My life for thee,
    My precious blood I shed,
    That thou might’st ransomed be
    And quickened from the dead.
    I gave My life for thee;
    What hast thou given for Me?
  2. I spent long years for thee
    In weariness and woe
    That an eternity
    Of joy Thou mighteth know.
    I spent long years for thee;
    Hast thou spent one for Me?
  3. My Father’s home of light,
    My rainbow-circled throne,
    I left for earthly night,
    For wanderings sad and lone.
    I left it all for thee;
    Hast thou left aught for Me?
  4. I suffered much for thee,
    More than My tongue may tell,
    Of bitterest agony,
    To rescue thee from hell.
    I suffered much for thee;
    What canst thou bear for Me?
  5. And I have brought to thee
    Down from My home above
    Salvation full and free,
    My pardon and My love.
    Great gifts I brought to thee;
    What hast thou brought to Me?
  6. Oh, let thy life be given,
    Thy years for Me be spent,
    World’s fetters all be riven,
    And joy with suffering blent!
    I gave Myself for thee:
    Give thou thyself to Me.


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