About Peace House, Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training (MILERT)

Bro Gbile Akanni with His Wife, Sade Akanni, Teaching The Word of God.
Bro Gbile Akanni with His Wife, Sade Akanni, Teaching The Word of God.


Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training is basically a time and a forum for ministers (both in the rural and urban areas) to retreat from their labours; for a refilling and renewal of their visions, to rekindle their zeal and reappraise their call and its fulfilment thus far. It serves as a training period in the word of God and also provides opportunity to be acquainted with the move of God in our time among our brethren.

Specifically, this training has been designed to cater for ministers and all who have sensed the need for training in God’s word for life & ministry, who due to the peculiar nature of their callings or location of ministries, cannot afford time off (at least at a stretch) for a formal Bible School training but wish to be fully exposed to God, His principles, and their practical application to ministry.

Biography Of Gbile Akanni

Admission is open to individuals or churches, Fellowships & Ministries wishing to sponsor their ministers/workers for a Bible based, Christ centered training.

MILERT runs a two year programme of six contact sessions, one session in four months. Each contact session will run for one and half weeks of 10 days including only one Sunday in between. Each session is fully residential.

Participation is purely by admission and registration. Application forms must be filled and processed at least six weeks before each contact session. Dates are normally advertised so that participants can plan their schedules to suit the programme. Ministers are encouraged to come with their wives where possible, but wives too must apply and be duely admitted before accompanying their husbands. Women can register independently for the programme. Wives of pastors and ministers that are already participating in the programme are considered for automatic admission if they apply.

Biography of Sade Akanni – Wife of Bro Gbile Akanni

The programme is essentially free as the LORD provides. Accommodation and feeding shall be free. Participants however are encouraged to give towards the running of the programme (both the contact sessions and the CLP – Christian Leadership Program) as the LORD enables them. Support for the MILERT programme comes as the Lord moves on men’s heart to so give.

At present, there are two venues. One is located at our base in Gboko, Benue State and another in Ilorin, Kwara State.

There shall be no formal academic graduation, but each contact session shall end with a vigil for personal impartation and a special anointing service at the end of the year. Men who are in the course of time are being separated by the HOLY GHOST into some new fields of service, or called into full time ministry or into mission fields- by the witness of personal disciplers and other men in the ministry will be prayed for with the laying on of hands according to Acts 13:1-3, 1Tim.4:14, 2Tim.1:6-7.

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  • The applicant must be born again and living a life devoid of the practice of sin. He should be able to give true-life testimony of this experience.
  • He should be a man of one wife and have a straight record of marriage.
  • He should be a man of good report, within and without the church.


  • Applicant should have a clear ministerial call.
  • He should be a full time minister of God, a church official or a part time minister of God still holding a job or business. A part time minister will be admitted on the grounds that his job or business will not interrupt his training for any one session.


  • Applicant must speak, read and write clearly the language used for instructions in the class.

Applicant must provide:

  • Correct, eligible. Comprehensive information in the application Form.
  • Two unimplicating confidential reports from referees of good standing in the faith.
  • Where the applicant is not the founder of the ministry/fellowship he is currently working under, then his immediate boss should be one of his referees.
  • A participant is free to withdrawal with a letter of withdrawal, to enable the office adjust records and fill up vacancies.

How To Register For Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training (MILERT)

Course Focus

And for their sakes I consecrate myself that they also may be consecrated in truth. Jn 17:17 (RSV)

Our Lord Jesus Christ showed that ministry is a flow of one’s life. It is possible to preach the truth, but if the life is void of the truth it preaches, the truth cannot be effected in the hearers. Hence, the greatest focus of this programme is to challenge the servants of God principally to issues of right living as a basis for service in the vineyard. The programme is therefore tailored so that the courses pertaining to Christian character, conduct and living are of primary importance as the basis for ministry.

Ministerial courses are geared towards equipping the participants with technical but practical knowledge of his area of call.

Knowledge courses, which shall handle basic doctrinal issues, are meant to offer Biblical knowledge; that participants should be sound in living and able to establish Christian faith; especially in the face of false teaching eminent in our days and days ahead.

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Discipleship in leadership courses are designed to:

  • Encourage practical life interaction between fellow participants and instructors. To this end, small discussion groups (known as Floor Groups) are created.
  • Assess the progress in the life of participants in the practical manifestation of the grace of God in His ministry. To this end, appropriate projects have been designed.

The different types of courses shall be organised spirally i.e. every aspect of the training as outlined above run throughout the programme at each contact session.

A course is weighed in terms of scope and depth of content. Weight is also based on how ‘Core’ a course is considered to MILERT training as far as our emphasis and focus is concerned.
A course is weighed in terms of length of time – hours attached to the courses e.g. if Mt 101 is regarded as 2 credit-hour course, it will require at least 20 lecture hours.

The entire project is a step of faith in keeping with our pattern of ministry. We continually trust God to provide for the work in His wisdom so that we can place this refresher training at the reach of ministers and leaders in active ministry in our land at the barest minimum cost such that deserving candidates are not denied of this opportunity because of finance.

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Enquiries and any other detailed information regarding this training or any other aspect of our work should be directed to: PLEASE REQUEST INFO

Courses Available

(Broad Sections and Outlines)

1. CHARACTER, CONDUCT AND LIFE – (a basis for ministry)

  • Ministers; Personal Life
  • The New Creatio Man
  • The Ministers’ Home
  • The Ministers Devotions And Discilines
  • Maintaing Personal Anointing



Practical elective courses/workshops are mounted concurrently depending on the area of ministerial calling and focus of the individual participant

  • Women In Ministry
  • Child Evangelism Basics
  • Pastoral Ministry And Church Planting
  • Cross Cultural Missions
  • Prayer And Intercessory Ministry
  • Basics Of Helps/Support Ministry
  • The Teaching Ministry
  • The Evangelistic Ministry
  • The Prophetic And Apostolic Ministry
  • The Music Ministry

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  • Church Planting
  • Disciple Making
  • Bible Study
  • Helps (Primarily For Pastors’ Wives)
  • Effective Good News Clup
  • Women In Ministry
  • Prayer & Intercession
  • Helps/Support
  • Raising A Music Group

How To Register For Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training (MILERT)

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  1. Comment: I am interested in the training. Is form on ground at 5, Ayisat onisemo Street off Oshodi-Mile2 Express way, Lagos.
    (A full time minister from TAC LAWNA Territory Nigeria )

  2. Pls I need the list admitted candidates for 2019 Session. I apply and attended interview but I have not received any message

  3. Pleas I want to attend MILERT in response to Gods call for my life. Even though i have been called by God, Like Paul I need training to effectively carry out the work of God. This is why God instructed me particularly to attend MILERT. Please how do I get the form in Abuja

  4. I am a 2019 Milert SA student who wishes to contact the Administrator to facilitate my registration on the Living Seed App, can you assist please? I did attempt registering but encountered challenges and the system referred me to the Administrator for further attention.

  5. Dear sir, when and where do we start the lecture for this section, because, I’m the one of applicants for Leadership refresher training and I’m leaving at Ibadan. Thanks

  6. I attended the interview along with my wife, though my wife was disqualified on the ground that she is a nursing mother. I was told she can wait when I am admitted she can also apply after I might have graduated. Please, when will the admission list be released? or it has been released? My name is Sunday David from Kaduna and Applied Gboko center. Any information?

    • I actually applied. I missed many messages sent to my email due to network connection. I discovered those messages today. And I have notified one of my referees about the the message sent to his email. Hope is not late yet?

  7. Please sir/ma. Am very much interested on the training for effective ministry to God, has form comes out for 2020 section, please am very hungry for it ?

  8. Sir,
    My name was Shortlisted last year but I was able to attend the first contact and the second one.
    I’m interested in the training if there is still room for me, especially this year.

  9. Please sir I am interested in filling the form but I am single am I free to apply? May the good Lord have mercy

  10. Please I learnt that forms are no longer on sale. I plead to be considered for late registration. I already prepared my mind to join the next session, but I was misinformed about the closing date. I will be grateful if I can still be considered. Thank you sir.

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