Biography of Sade Akanni


Sade Akanni is the wife of Bro. Gbile Akanni, a Nigerian Preacher, author and renowned teacher of the Word of God.

A medical doctor by profession, Sister Sade Akanni has been a strong support to Bro. Gbile’s ministry and often travel and teach alongside him.

Sister Sade just like her husband, has a high understanding of the bible and great depth of the word of God. She is committed to turning believers into disciples.

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Bro Gbile Akanni with His Wife, Sade Akanni, Teaching The Word of God.
Bro Gbile Akanni with His Wife, Sade Akanni, Teaching The Word of God.

Dr. Sade together with her husband, Bro. Gbile Akanni, has four children and they live in Peace House Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria, West Africa.

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    • Dedicate your time to reading of the word.
      And ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you as you read..
      The Bible isn’t just a book, it’s a spiritual guide with deeper meanings of the words just written at the surface.
      Some parts of the Bible have mysteries that only the Spirit can reveal to you and enable you to understand.

      All in all, Dedication and Commitment is the key.
      But above all, Salvation Matters.
      God bless you

  1. Since discovering brother Gbile Akanni on youtube my life has changed dramatically. In fact i have adopted him as my mentor lol. How i wish i can save God like him and understand the bible as well.
    God bless you sir and ma for the work you are doing, may God bless you and strengthen you. You shall finish well in Jesus name. Amen.

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