How To Register For Bro Gbile Akanni’s Livingseed Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training (MILERT)

Livingseed Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training (MILERT), is basically a time and a forum for ministers (both in the rural and urban areas) to retreat from their labours; for a refilling and renewal of their visions, to rekindle their zeal and reappraise their call and its fulfilment thus far. It serves as a training period in the word of God and also provides opportunity to be acquainted with the move of God in our time among our brethren.

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Specifically, this training has been designed to cater for ministers and all who have sensed the need for training in God’s word for life & ministry, who due to the peculiar nature of their callings or location of ministries, cannot afford time off (at least at a stretch) for a formal Bible School training but wish to be fully exposed to God, His principles, and their practical application to ministry.

MILERT runs a two year programme of six contact sessions, one session in four months. Each contact session will run for one and half weeks of 10 days including only one Sunday in between. Each session is fully residential.

Participation is purely by admission and registration. Application forms must be filled and processed at least six weeks before each contact session. Dates are normally advertised so that participants can plan their schedules to suit the programme. Ministers are encouraged to come with their wives where possible, but wives too must apply and be duely admitted before accompanying their husbands. Women can register independently for the programme. Wives of pastors and ministers that are already participating in the programme are considered for automatic admission if they apply.

To Register For MILERT,

1. Visit the MILERT official website here

2. Create a Personal Account by signing up on the MILERT website

3. Follow the instructions to register.


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  1. I am very interested and desire to know when to register and when the contact sessions may likely fall so I can plan my schedule.

  2. Please, I wish to enrol with the next set. How can I apply and when is the registration starting. When is likely period of contact. Thanks.

  3. Good evening, i have made every attempt to register for Milert to no avail. I have created several accounts but the mails you send to me for creating accounts are never found in any of the mails, can you help?

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