Nigeria Church Leaders And Years In Ministry


Nigerian Pastors And Their Years In Ministry

This is a list of Church General Overseers in Nigeria and how long they have been in their Church as leaders:

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  1. Your estimates are not correct for some of the preachers. Particularly Chris Oyakhilome is much more than 26 yrs. By 1990 he already had a church of about 1000 plus members that i personally knew. He is maybe 26 yrs in Lagos but started the church well before that. When he came fro a crusade in my school in OAU, circa 1994, he was already a very well known preacher.

  2. Hello my people.
    Well done in the Vineyard of God for broadcasting Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ on Internet to reach as many as possible. May God bless your Souls In Jesus’s Name. Amen.
    But I noticed one thing that you only talk about pastors who founded a Church or ministry. What about those Churches whose Leaders are no more but are still Pentecostal churches like The Apostolic Church where the pioneers are dead already but still has Someone leading and popular in person of Pastor G.O Olutola. Do churches need to pay before they appear on this platform?
    Please throw more light to this aspect ooo my people.

    • Thanks for your observation, NO SINGLE PAYMENT IS NEEDED FOR ANY CHURCH TO APPEAR ON THIS PLATFORM. The posts we’ve made so far are based on our research team results for now, and we’re still working on several things especially uniting the body of Christ in Nigeria. However, we have some posts here on The Apostolic Church, we have the biography of Pastor G.O Olutola also, and we would strongly appreciate any information from you concerning this Man of God and others, so long as the info is credible. Thanks greatly for visiting our site. You’re the best

  3. Thanks for your post . but i also noticed that some churches like foursquare church, assemblies of God, C&S, Lords chosen and the rest

    • Thank you Mr. Raphael for your observation, we have just updated the list. And the names of other Church leaders and their years in ministry have been added. We will also appreciate more input from you. Thank you.

  4. After all this years from different powerful man of God of different churches we still battling oooo God use your sons and help us for your name to be gloryfy …

  5. After all this years from different powerful man of God of different churches we still battling oooo God use your sons to help us for your holy name to be gloryfy …

  6. Thanks a lot for your information. Could you please give us information on some prophetic ministries too. Like Synagogue Church of All Nations, Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, and even Omega Fire Ministries

  7. Comment:sorry Mr poster..bishop mike okonkwo is my father in d lord….he is one of patriarch and founder of Pentecostal movement in Nigerian..he has bin in ministry right from UCC days…for 50yrs plus….find ur facts well before posting rubbish

  8. Pls appreciate hardwork, stop criticism, they did their best appreciate it doesn’t matter whether ur pastor is mentioned or not, I find this site very informative, so appreciate their best, we are not the ones to reward any general mentioned or not but God in heaven no matter our recommendation and attestation God should be glorified because he is responsible for everything u see this general do so glorify God instead of complaint

  9. Believers when you see good work appreciate stop criticism except u are an unbeliever, church goer, unbelieving believer, a religious person, let us learn to appreciate good things so that good things will follow u, most person who are critics good things don’t follow them because they hate good things that their lives are full of failure, up and down all manners bad things, so appreciate what God is doing

    I love their work believersportal excellent keep on I pray God continue to use u for kingdom promotion

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