Pastor Donates Kidney To Church Member


A local pastor has donated a kidney to a member of his church in a decision which has likely saved the man’s life. When pastor Basilio Montez of Holy Ground Baptist Church found out that long-time member of his church Jesus Cerecerez suffered from kidney disease and needed a transplant to survive, he sought the guidance of God.

Montez is convinced that the Lord called him to donate one of his own kidneys to Cerecerez. The pair were a match and the surgery went ahead. “I got my life back and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me,” Cerecerez said after the successful operation, according to First Coast News.

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Now, the pastor is giving all the glory to God for such an amazing turn of events. “We praise God for everything that God has been doing,” Montez said. “For the healing that he’s been giving us and always for his honor and his glory.”

Both men are doing well and they said they are now in the recovery phase of things and are glad they got to embark on this journey together.

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While much of Pastor Montez’s life has been fulfilled preaching, praying and guiding, he said he felt honored to be called upon to save a life and would do it all over again if he could.

Watch Pastor Montez and Cerecerez speak:

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