West shocked Hollywood recently when he donned a MAGA hat in support of U.S. President Donald Trump but something he told a fellow rapper is surprising people even more: He’s now a born-again Christian.

Kanye West Tells Nicki Minaj, "I'm Now A Born-again Christian"
Kanye West Tells Nicki Minaj, “I’m Now A Born-again Christian”

The hip-hop and fashion trailblazer recently disclosed that his submission and radical obedience to Jesus Christ has been instrumental in his mental health journey.

Nicki Minaj, while hosting “Queen Radio” on Apple Music, said West told her he turned to God after being hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016. She made the announcement during a discussion about faith in the entertainment industry with special guest Chance The Rapper, who recently went on a sabbatical to “learn the Word of God.”

Kanye West Says ‘Radical Obedience To Christ’ Got Him Through His Mental Illness

“Sometimes in the music business, we think that other artists don’t believe in God or aren’t spiritual as we are…then when you find people, because I was just with Kanye, and he told me he’s a born-again Christian now,” the female rapper said.

West, who recently asked Trump to bail out A$AP Rocky in Sweden, has been hosting church services weekly, dubbed “Sunday Service,” inviting pastors like Rich Wilkerson, Jr., who married West and Kim Kardashian in 2014, to give a sermon. He’s also been collaborating with several artists to remix and sing worship songs.

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Minaj said she could see the change in West during a recent interaction they had.

“Like, my first instinct was, ‘I’m so proud of you,’ because I could see there’s a peace that he has now that just surpasses everything,” she said. “And that’s what I find God gives you, and I love when I see men that are man enough to embrace God.”

Then Minaj took her listeners to church, recounting an experience she had with an atheist.

“To everybody listening, if you have a man that says he don’t believe in God. One time somebody told me this, that, ‘I don’t believe in God,’ and it scared the living hell out of me,” she said. “I ran like there was no tomorrow. So I just want to say, because a man needs a strong woman in his life, like whether that woman is praying or meditating or just supporting you or giving you those talks, people don’t understand how far that goes for men,” according to Fox News

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Recall that in 2016, West checked himself into a Los Angeles hospital which caused him to cancel his tour at the time due to mental illness.

When asked how he came back from that difficult season, West told Forbes it was “being in service to Christ, the radical obedience” that got him through.

The 42-year-old also mentioned his faith when talking about his Athletic Shoe empire, Yeezy sneakers, which, according to Forbes, is expected to generate $1.5 billion in annual sales this year.

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West recently began Sunday Service meetings — which his wife, Kim Kardashian West, described as a “spiritual Christian experience” — this year. As of now, the events happen every Sunday and include gospel music but omit preaching.

“I had the idea of making a church before but I really was sketching it out. Then in 2019, I was like I’m not letting a Sunday go by without making this,” West said on the season finale of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” in June.

They began the meeting in a “James Turell inspired” circular dome but because of how rapidly attendance increased they had to move Sunday Service outdoors.

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  1. I am filled with joy.I am so happy. hearing this news nd i also believed the LORD is touching nd changing our celeb along with their huge fans into the kingdom of our GOD.Amen.praise the LORD.

  2. Its so wonderful to know that people with such great influence on the younger generation are coming to a personal knowledge of Christ, I pray that God continue to bless them in their new found faith and love for Christ and never allow discouragement of any sort to distract them from the service of God,this I pray in Jesus name

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