Saudi Muslim Woman Converts To Christianity, Marries In Church

Fayza Almtery – Saudi Christian-Convert

Months after posting her photo of New Year’s prayers in a church in Canada announcing her conversion from the Islamic faith to Christianity, Saudi Fayza Almtery has stirred online debate once again after sharing photos from her wedding ceremony held in a Church.

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Almtery, who calls her self a Saudi feminist and an ex-Muslim, took to Twitter posting photos of her wedding, explaining that she got married in 2019 but didn’t want to announce it on social media until she felt safe to do so because Saudi Arabia forbids religious conversion from Islam and punishes it by death.

Translation: “I’d like to thank all of those congratulating me, I wish I could invite you all to attend but I was afraid you’d get too excited and fire some celebratory gun shots.”

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Responding to a few questions from her followers, Fayza explained that her husband isn’t a Saudi and that she’s happily leading the kind of free life she’s always wished to have.

Translation: “I didn’t escape Saudi Arabia to marry a Saudi.”

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Photos of the Church wedding received mixed reactions from social media users; many commentators congratulated her and wished her a happy life and expressed their support for her choice to live in a western country for the freedoms she can enjoy as opposed to her life back in Saudi Arabia.

Translation: You know, Faiza .. You have made the right choice in immigration to the countries of the West .. It is enough safety that improves it inside .. I wish you success always

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Others accused Almtery of “offending Islam and taking a step backward by choosing to become a Christian”.

Translation: “you’re going straight to hell”

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