Amazing Testimony Of A Saudi Arabian Muslim Convert To Christianity


That night, that passion touched my heart because the moment I saw that Christ rose again from the dead, and that He died for my sins, that convinced me totally, I want to give my life to the Lord right now.

I was born in a Muslim family. It’s not only a Muslim Family, actually a strong Muslim family. I remember from the six years old of my childhood, My father took me to the mosque at the other side of the street where we used to live, and introduce me to the Imam, the leader of the mosque. So I learned how to pray and how to fast, every step of rituals in Islamic faith, I tried to learn it daily. And I was so close to the Imam of that mosque that pretty soon I was appointed as the one who was standing next to him when he was doing prayer.

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What’s going to happen the next step? Bow down, stand up and announce it through the loud speaker so the crowd behind him could follow him. I was reading Quaran and I was reading other books about Islamic faith, I always asked him the Imam, I was very close to him, and I said, you know “I love to be with God forever” because I know that there is a dead after this temporary life, and I said, could you please let me know how much more I should pray and do fasting or anything because I want to know for sure when I die, I want to be with God. But there was no answer for me, he just stopped me. I went home and asked my dad the same question, if the Imam cannot answer me and if I am searching the true God why is he not encouraging me, What should I do.

Then you are allowed to follow the religion, that there’s no answer for me.

I got married and I had a wonderful child and at the age of 27 years I went to Mecca, and I was praying in Mecca, somebody tap me by my shoulder and said “are you married” I said why, they said because your accent, your pronunciation was not hundred percent right in the Holy place of Imran and I have a recommendation from Allah to you and I said what’s that, they said, you have to divorce your wife and I was shocked because I said, I came here to follow God, to worship God and now I have to divorce my wife? And I told them, hey, there’s something wrong here. I’m not going to stay anymore.

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So I left mecca and went back home and knocked at the door. My wife said what are you doing here? I said do you need a religious man or a husband? If you need a religious man, then I could divorce you, otherwise.

As the days went by, I got a car accident pretty soon, and the car in the highway flipped over a bridge eight times, and it stopped upside down. When the people rushed to us, they turn around the car, they broke the glass windows, they broke the doors, and I was paralyzed.

For 14 years I was suffering, my left leg was paralyzed. and nobody could do anything. I was so sorry for my wife because she loved me so much, and there was no hope for me. So I went to London with my wife, and everything was the same. So I made a decision, I was going to commit suicide, this is a horrible life.

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Then a friend introduced me to his neighbor, and his neighbor used to be a missionary to the country that I was born and they came and visited me, and they said they’ll carry me to their doctor, and they drove for maybe two hours to a small City from the place that I used to live, and on the way he asked me, have you believed in Jesus Christ? And I said stop, I went to Mecca, and you know what, I couldn’t find anything there, I recommend that you know, what? Stop it. And he said just tell me, who is Christ for you?

And I said he was a prophet, He came and He died of God, but praise God for him, but he said no, He is the Son of God, He died, He rose again and He’s alive. But I said, would you please stop I don’t want a problem with you, you make a man God, and he said, I don’t make a man God, I proclaim God became a man, it’s a big difference.

And so finally he carried me to the place and there was not a doctor there, that was a church and that church was showing the play about the Life of Christ. And that was a turning point in my life because many people have told me that Christ never died on the cross, so I used to believe that. But here, I was seeing that Christ died on the cross for me and the Lord brought me back to Mecca, reminds me, remember when they told you to go divorce your wife, and here I am, I left my glory in heaven became flesh, died on the cross for you. My heart was beating so much, I wanted to give my life right now.

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The resurrection brought a big big change in my heart and the answer to my question, that was from childhood, how much more I should pray and do the best in order to be with God? And right now was the answer, He gave his life for me. He paid the penalty for me.

A week later, this man didn’t stop, he took me to a church and the moment I went to their worship center, the presence of the Lord just touched me, surrounded me, because the joy and the face of the people was incredible. They shook hands with me, welcoming me, and I never forgot, any time I went to Mosque, even the leader of the mosque, I was so respectful to him, but he did answer me like one who doesn’t know me. But they welcomed me deeply and a lady in front of me asked me, you have nice accent, where are you from.

So on the way back, I saw a Bible in my own language and I took it I would say to read it, and then a week later the pastor came to our home and started to talk about the Bible. And he started to explain about the Bible, that it is the word of God and he explained, you know, we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and we need to repent, and then he explained to me that Christ is the answer to our sin. He died for us on the cross. So if you have any question about the salvation, that’s what the basic stuff of that. You have to believe in your heart that Christ died on the cross for you and buried and rose again on the third day from that moment. All of your sins have been forgiven. And my wife was sitting there and those family that took me, they were there. And I said Pastor, I have a question and the moment that a Muslim wants to ask a pastor of a church and Christian a question, they think, oh, wow, they’re big problem. They’re going to ask you about the Trinity and the Son of God.

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But I said Pastor, really, I want to tell you and confess, that that night, that passion touched my heart because the moment I saw that Christ rose again from the dead, and that He died for my sins, that convinced me totally, I want to give my life to the Lord right now.

It was amazing that the moment the pastor said to lead us to prayer, I saw my wife crying out, and she did the same thing, and I asked her, why did you do that, and she said, I had the same feeling that you had that night. I don’t want to be another burden for you because you are saved, and now, I want to confess the same thing.

So that night was the first night after years of suffering of pain, I slept completely well unlike every other night I had to wake up always and ask for her to change my position.

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Then I started reading the Bible and all the answers were right there, in the book of Matthew, in the book of John, especially the Book of John, in the beginning was the word, the word was with god, the Word was God, and He became flesh, and I said oh, wow, that was all I needed.

Two months later, I woke up and I had a feeling on my left leg, and my wife said don’t stand up, you may fall and break other parts of your body. But I said no, I know what I’m feeling, because she knew they put many needles in my leg, but right now I couldn’t feel anything. She took me to the hospital, the doctor showed, up, examined me and said, who did that surgery on your back? I said are you ready to hear that? You are the greatest doctor here, but my case was so terrible that you rejected me, but the greatest and cheapest doctor did that surgery. And he said, tell me the name, I said maybe you don’t know him, and he said, he’s very familiar, but I said, he’s not familiar. And the moment I told him Jesus Christ, he was shocked because he started to look at my file, and everything I did and I was told I was going to lose my left leg, but he watched me jumping in front of him, but i told him I’m excited, not because I was healed, but because I am saved.

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