Author: Clara M. Brooks

Jesus left a home of dazzling splendor,
For this sinful world with sorrow dim;
Humbly filling the place of a servant,
And He calls us all to follow Him.

Jesus, we will follow in Thy footprints,
Share Thy suffering and shame and loss:
For the glory that is set before us,
We will triumph in the Savior’s cross.

Jesus lived a life of self-denial,
With His visage marred by grief and woe;
But now sits in the throne with the Father,
And example leaves us here below.

If like Paul, we’re cast into the prison,
Or through burning, fiery flames should go,
Can we glory in such persecution—
Bear the image of our Lord below?

Would we be disciples of the Master,
And the splendor of His mansion share?
We must gladly endure tribulation,
Then a crown in heaven we shall wear.

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