Author: Thomas Nelson

Onward, upward, Christian soldier,
Bravely push the battle on;
There’s a great reward before us,
Soon the conflict will be won.

Hallelujah! shout the chorus,
Onward, upward is our song;
Crowns of vict’ry lie before us,
Boldly march against the wrong.

Grasp the sword, then go with courage,
Ever humbly watch and pray;
Never, never be discouraged,
Never falter by the way.

Go the captives to deliver,
Leaving all the world behind;
Hoping, trusting—doubting never—
Crowns in heaven we shall find.

Onward, upward is the watchword,
Till the King of saints we see;
Then before His throne in glory,
We shall reign eternally.

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