Nickelodeon Game Shakers Star “Double G” Now A Pastor

Kel Mitchell
Kel Mitchell "Double G"

Celebrate with Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell, popularly known as ‘Double G’, as he follows the call of God to be a pastor.

Kel Mitchell announced on his Twitter that he has just become a licensed pastor.

He shared how “blessed” he was feeling alongside pictures of him holding his certificate.

“Officially became a Licensed Pastor last weekend. Blessed and thankful for my@spiritfood Food Family and thank you Pastor Zeigler for seeing the calling of God on my life and trusting me with your Youth Department,” he wrote on twitter.

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He was beaming as he posed together with another pastoral candidate and his pastor, Garry D Zeigler, at Spirit Food Christian Center in Winnetka, California.

The two times Emmy Award nominated actor and stand up comedian will be serving in the youth ministry of Spirit Food Christian Center in Winnetka, California.

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Mitchell wrote in a Facebook post

“Blessed and thankful for my Spirit Food [Christian Center] Family and thank you Pastor [Garry D.] Zeigler for seeing the calling of God on my life and trusting me with your youth department”.

He continued to quote Romans 8:28-29: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”

His staff page on the church’s website indicated that Kel will still keep up some work in the entertainment industry, as he is currently working on a new iteration of his former show All That.

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Kel Mitchell is a two-time Emmy Award-nominated actor, producer and stand-up comic hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. Currently, Mitchell is executive producing and appearing in the new iteration of the beloved Nickelodeon series All That, bringing him full circle since he got his big break and won several awards for the original show. All That was Nickelodeon’s longest-running live-action series with 171 episodes across 10 seasons from 1994 to 2005.

Though he grew up the grandson of a pastor, Kel has been open about some of the personal struggles he faced before recommitting to his faith.

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In 2015, he shared on his site,

In 2015, he shared on his site, “I have been through so many ups and downs in my life, Suicidal, divorce, drug and alcohol usage, deep in sin, dealing with the lost (sic) of [loved] ones to gang violence, debt, hurt, pain, vanity, lust, heartbreak, feeling LOST looking for answers. I have seen, felt and been in all types of sin and have been done wrong by others.”

“Let go of your past, be a new creature in Christ! I did! I let him in and Life is GOOD now, my eyes have been opened. I have always known God but now I have a true understanding of who he is and why I am here, and why God has kept me safe, and sinful ways are no longer around me because I am surrounded with the love of Jesus, and I have allowed him to make the decisions in my life. I study the word, I worship his name with praying and song.”

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“If you are ready to admit your need for a clean slate,” he proclaimed, “the God of second chances is waiting to give it to you.”

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