Author: Clara M. Brooks, pub.

The Lord is my light, and the strength of my life,
Then of whom shall I be afraid?
He hideth my soul from the troubles that roll,
In the cleft in the rock He has made.

Then nearer, my Savior, to Thee would I come,
Thou knowest the way that I take;
Oh, lead me to glory—there is my home—
With angels Thy praise to awake.

There’s One who will help in the moment of need,
When my heart filled with grief o’erflows;
My Jesus is near, and He sees every tear,
Yea, He shares all my sorrows and woes.

He giveth His angels the charge of my soul
So that none of my steps shall slide;
His promise is sure, He will keep me secure,
Though a thousand should fall by my side.

I ever would dwell in the temple of God,
Where His graces so rich unfold;
Contented to fill just the lowliest place,
That His beauty my eyes may behold.

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