Author: Charles M. Fillmore

I’ve a Savior, kind and tender, I’ve a Savior full of grace; And a smile of winning sweetness Ever beams upon His face: In my heart’s shrine of affection He shall hold the highest place.

How I love Him! How I love Him! Since for me He bled and died; How I love Him! Yes, I love Him More than all the world beside.

For my sake He came from Heaven To this world of sin and shame; Bore my guilt, tho’ He was guiltless, And tho’ blameless, took my blame: Can I ever cease to love Him, And His goodness to proclaim?

Tho’ I’ve often been unworthy, He has constant been, and true; Tho’ I wronged Him, He forgave me When I would my vows renew; Tho’ I spurned Him, He with kindness My rebellious heart did woo.

I’ve a Savior, kind and tender, He would be your Savior, too; Will you not accept the pardon Which He freely offers you? Take Him now as your Redeemer, Earth has not a friend so true.

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