‘My Belief in Jesus Christ Makes a Real Difference’: U.S. Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo


I’m proud to be here again not only as America’s top diplomat, but also as a man of faith

U.S. Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the man at the center of so many complex and vital issues facing America right now. But one constant through it all is his Christian faith.

Pompeo’s life so far includes a growing list of accomplishments: Eagle Scout, first in his class at West Point, Harvard Law School graduate, Kansas congressman and the first American to ever hold the top jobs at both the CIA and the State Department. However, his number one on the list remains a faithful decision made back in college: a decision point to follow Jesus Christ.

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“I grew up going to church on Sundays, but frankly it wasn’t a priority in my life growing up,” Pompeo told CBN News. “I went off to West Point, and as a young cadet, during my freshman year, there were two young men who were juniors who were true men of faith. And they held these little Bible study/cookie klatches on Sunday afternoons and they invited all the cadets to see – it was purely voluntary.”

“I started showing up– truly remarkable,” Pompeo explained. “I started going to church every weekend on my own because I wanted to be there to learn and to grow, and at some point during that first year, I really did come to have an understanding of Jesus that was different than the one that I had before. It fundamentally changed my life.”

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That life is a busy one as Secretary of State. Many issues facing him include a faith flavor, attempts for peace in the Middle East, religious persecution, and many more. He doesn’t hide the faith element as witnessed by some of his comments during his recent joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu in Israel.

“I’m proud to be here again not only as America’s top diplomat, but also as a man of faith,” he told Netayahu and the assembled media.

This isn’t new territory for Pompeo. Back in 2015, as a congressman from Kansas in a church setting, he preached about the cultural battle ahead.

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“We will continue to fight these battles, it is a never ending struggle… until that moment that Pastor Fox spoke about, until the rapture,” Pompeo said.

During his time on Capitol Hill, the former Sunday School teacher spoke in religious tones about radical Islamic terrorism.

“I will tell you that it is absolutely a minority within the Muslim faith but these folks are serious and they abhor Christians and will continue to press against us until we make sure that we pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is our savior is truly the only solution for our world,” Pompeo warned.

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As CIA Director, he attended regular Bible studies and as Secretary of State, he hosted the State Department’s first worldwide conference on religious freedom. He also made faith part of his first major speech as the country’s top diplomat during a visit to Cairo, Egypt.

“We’re all children of Abraham: Christians, Muslims, Jews,” Pompeo said. “In my office, I keep a Bible open on my desk to remind me of God and his word, and the truth.”

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