Vietnam Man Beaten And Kicked Out By His Wife And Children For His New Found Faith In Jesus Christ


In Vietnam, Christian converts are often seen as traitors to their cultural identity. Non-Christian relatives often work with local authorities to beat up Christians and expel them from the village. Vinh, a new believer in northern Vietnam, and his mother know this persecution firsthand. Read their story and pray with these believers and thousands like them.

Vinh is secretly staying in the forest where he lives in a makeshift tent.

Last year, a 57 year man identified simply as Vinh, from northern Vietnam, accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Several weeks later, his 90-year-old mother Ngoc also accepted Christ, impacted by the changes and the new life she saw in her son. But Vinh’s wife and children vehemently opposed the conversions of their family members and kicked them both out of their house and even the village.

The family warned their neighbors: “Whoever welcomes them—whoever provides shelter or a place to stay—is the one who enticed them to follow that religion. If you welcome them, we will come to beat them and report you to local authorities.”

That same day, Vinh’s family beat them, severely injuring Ngoc’s leg; she walks with a limp now. A church from another village took in Ngoc but not Vinh, fearing his family would cause trouble for the church.

He is, in a very real sense, a refugee, displaced from his home and family.

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Recently, Vinh traveled to a neighboring city to obtain a certificate of denomination and be officially recognized as a Christian by the government—in hopes of compelling his family or church to take him in.

Unfortunately, the document made no difference to the village leaders.

“We don’t believe this document because this has no value for us!” they told him when he presented it to them.

While the church that took in his mother is helping Vinh with food, he is still secretly staying in the forest, living in a makeshift tent. His face is blurred to protect his identity.

Vietnam ranks 20th on Christian support organization Open Doors 2019 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

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Pray For Vinh And Ngoc

  • Ask God to change the hearts of Vinh’s family, as well as the hearts of local authorities. Pray they will see God working not just in the life of Vinh but also in the lives of other Christians in the village.
  • Pray that God will restore Ngoc’s health and that her life will be a living testimony to the Vietnamese people.
  • Pray for sustenance, courage and wisdom for the church caring for Ngoc.
  • Pray that God would send provision to Vinh and people to take him in and care for him.

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