Author: Silas S. Martin

O Lord, be with me through this day;
Direct my thoughts aright, I pray,
That I, this day, my place fulfill,
According to Thy holy will.

Thy Word, O Lord, is bread indeed,
And as upon Thy Word I feed,
It shall to me new strength impart,
As truth abounds within my heart.

I need Thy armor, Lord, to go
Against a fierce and ruthless foe;
Girt—breastplate, helmet, shoe, and shield—
I shall prevail as sword I wield.

My lips shall sweetly sound Thy praise,
And thankfulness shall fill my days;
Within Thy joy my strength shall be,
So, trusting, I shall walk with Thee.

I thank Thee, Lord, for thoughts of Thee—
To Thee in danger I shall flee,
And find in Thee my soul’s desire,
By walking in Thy grace and pow’r.

When life on earth shall be no more,
I shall Thy glorious name adore,
And humbly bow before Thy throne,
And praise Thee that I’m safely home.

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