“We have our first faith-based movie coming out, it’s called, ‘God Is Real.’ So people are going to see this everywhere.

Mainstream Hip-hop artist Master P and his son, Romeo Miller, have said they both have veered away from their past hip-hop messages and are now creating content that reflects their “Christian faith.”

They both were spotted at the faith-based Movie Guide Awards speaking on their two upcoming faith-based films, Titled “God is Real” and “Can You Hear The Lamb?”

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In an interview with Christian Post, Master P stated “Romeo has started a brand, Romeo Land, and it’s all about having great content,” he told CP.

Master P also stated that his movie company, Genius Minds Pictures, and his son’s new company, Romeo Land, are gearing up to release a Christian film. “We have our first faith-based movie coming out, it’s called, ‘God Is Real.’ So people are going to see this everywhere,” he said. P went on to say:

“Don’t be afraid to grow and change,” Master P maintained. “Where I come from, I come from the streets, I come from struggle and pain. Without God, I wouldn’t be here. So why not change and grow up and do right?” Romeo also stated “I’ve had a lot of success, over 19 years in this industry, I started very young,” Romeo told CP. “That success is because of God.” “I seen a lot of my cousins pass away when I was younger. I saw my cousin die when I was 8 years old. In that moment, I knew that we’re on this Earth for a reason. It’s a bigger purpose,” he testified.

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If you’ve ever listened to Master P speak during his previous interviews, he frequently mentions how his success is because of God. This gradual career shift is about God and leading people in the right direction according to Romeo. Having a successful career that covers so many different outlets from music, film, sneakers, snacks, and so many other things. Making faith the top priority for this industry powerhouse could get really interesting.

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  1. This is a great testimony to the glory of Yeshua our Messiah. Heaven invasion of the earth has begun. I use this opportunity to call other people to come to J-E-S-U-S and J-O-Y will follow

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