O love divine, unfathomed!
O shoreless sea of bliss!
Thy throne the highest heaven,
Yet flowing down to this
Dark world of guilt and sorrow,
Redeems the fettered soul;
Thy paths of peace I follow,
O love, our hearts extol!

O love! supreme affection!
We bow low at thy shrine,
Love is our great salvation;
O love divine!

Enshrined within the bosom
Of Father’s tender love,
We seem in deep mid-ocean
Of heaven’s bliss above;
Oh, wonders of redemption!
We gaze in silent awe
Upon the new creation,
Where love is freedom’s law.

Worlds of ecstatic glory
Love opens to our view,
Where saints and angels truly
Find joys forever new;
Sweet element of heaven!
He is supremely blest
Who, in thy sea o’erwhelmed
Has found eternal rest.

Love holds a royal scepter,
And Mercy looketh down,
Both calling to the sinner,
‘Come wear a starry crown’;
Oh, sweet divine compassion!
Poor sinner, taste and see,
If grace thy heart may fashion,
Then love shall reign in thee.

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