We’ll shout and sing our Redeemer’s praise,
Contending for the truth and right;
We’ll crown Him King in every heart,
And conquer in Jehovah’s might.

Crown Him, we’ll crown Him,
Crown the blessed Savior Lord of all;
We’ll crown Him, yes, crown Him,
Crown the blessed Savior Lord of all.

Though hosts of sin should about us camp,
We’ll shout and sing the victor’s song;
For Christ, our Savior, within us dwells,
To save and keep us from the wrong.

To Christ all power on earth is giv’n,
See now His mighty scepter sway;
While others dream of an age to come,
He’s reigning in our hearts today.

Soon Christ shall come with the trumpet sound,
To raise the dead from land and sea;
Then we shall meet Him in the air
And reign with Him eternally.

Then in that heaven and earth anew,
Where love’s eternal blessings fall,
We’ll sing His praise while the ages roll,
And crown Jehovah Lord of all.


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